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tom araya : christian

Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by d., Nov 18, 2006.

  1. d.

    d. _______

    Feb 10, 2006
    slayer played stockholm recently, which reminded me of what an interesting specimen their lead singer, tom araya, is. as a singer for the thrash metal band slayer, a band whose album titles include hell awaits, south of heaven, god hates us all and christ illusion,his job besides playing bass is pretty much to scream lyrics like these :
    Religion is hate
    Religion is fear
    Religion is war

    Religion is rape
    Religion's obscene
    Religion's a whore

    The desolace of Jesus Christ
    There never was a sacrifice
    To land him on the crucifix
    He rode the cup of purity
    Infectious in facility
    I've made my choice
    Six six six

    or :
    God is dead can't save me
    Taking lives with impunity
    Resurrection of a deviant Christ
    Feeding hate to capacity - deviance

    or :
    Existing on damnation's edge
    The priest had never known

    To witness such a violent show
    Of power overthrown

    Angels fighting aimlessly
    Still dying by the sword
    Our legions killing all in sight
    To get the one called Lord

    The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you see
    There's no price to pay just follow me
    I can take your lost soul from the grave
    Jesus knows your soul can not be saved

    Crucify the so called Lord
    He soon shall fall to me
    Your souls are damned your God has fell
    To slave for me eternally
    Hell awaits...
    and so on...regardless of the fact that their guitarist kerry king writes most of the anti-religion lyrics, they're all sung by mr.araya. so i dug around a bit and found this interesting interview :


    Nothing is ever quite as it seems.
    For example, the most evil band in the world is really not that evil, after all.
    Slayer's singer, Tom Araya, was raised Catholic, as was drummer Dave Lombardo. And since Slayer's inception in 1982 to Tuesday's show at the Shaw Conference Centre, "It's all about the cool factor - that's the main point," Araya insists during a recent phone interview before the band's show in Houston, Texas.
    "If something we find is really cool and gory and graphic, we'll go with it."
    The "most evil band in the world" is a loaded claim and even though June 6, 2006, was declared National Slayer Day, by global Hessians (metalheads), the Internet offers many "evil'' alternates, from Slipknot to Britney Spears.
    [...]They decided the new band needed an image and, coming from Southern California, looked toward Hollywood for inspiration.
    "We didn't want to look like all the hair bands that were coming out at the time.
    "We didn't want to look like girls; we wanted to look like a bunch of guys putting on makeup like guys. That was a must," explains Araya.
    "So we did everything completely opposite of that, which included the dark image, you know, that whole Satan vibe. And our first album being Side 6 Side 66, people were really freaking out over that."
    Images of pentagrams, horned beasts and bloody pits of hell fire have always been associated with Slayer, visually and lyrically. But according to Araya, there are really no issues between his Catholic faith and the band's subject matter.
    "Kerry's written some really far out s---," admits Araya. "If it's a good song, I'm not one that's going to go, 'This sucks because it's contrary to my beliefs.' To me it's more like, 'This is really good stuff. You're going to **** people off with this.'
    "People have these heavy issues and ask, 'Isn't this a problem for you?' and no. I'm well-rounded, I have a really strong belief system and these are just words and they'll never interfere with what I believe and how I feel," he continues.
    "People are not in good shape to where they have to question their own belief system because of a book or a story somebody wrote, or a Slayer song."

    whether christian or otherwise, feel free to post whatever pops into your pretty little head.
  2. Zephyr

    Zephyr Moved on

    Jun 4, 2005
    First, Slayer rocks. Seriously.

    I see no problem with their music being against Tom's beliefs. I've gigged with a couple of Christian bands before, and although I'm rather anti-christian, I've still gone out and sang the part. It's like playing dress-up, or celebrating halloween.
  3. d.

    d. _______

    Feb 10, 2006
    just to clarify : i see no problem either. but it's an unusual attitude, at least taken this far.
  4. Zephyr

    Zephyr Moved on

    Jun 4, 2005
    I suppose it is a bit unusual. I like the bolded part towards the end of your post. That summed the entire thing up perfectly to me. It's about having a good time and rocking out.
  5. Ulver

    Ulver Active Member

    Aug 10, 2005
    For many metla-heads they take satanic lyrics as serious as horror films, though I admit (heck I've shown examples) of those who go further.

    I see no problem or contradiction with Tom's lyrics or Tom singing Kerry's Lyrics. He's by no measure a mainstream catholic or a conservative catholic. The bottom line is he views what he does as art. Satan is the evil in all men and to deny that it exists, to deny all those dark things that people like Freud and Lovecraft hint at exisitng in our minds, is to give them power.

    Here's an interview/documentary/concert footage that features Slayer from around 88/89 and Tom mentions some of religious beliefs.

    ps.... South of Heaven is my favorite Slayer album, so this footage is price-less.