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To get in touch with the non physical self

Discussion in 'Non-Revealed Religions DIR' started by osgart, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. osgart

    osgart Nothing my eye, Something for sure

    May 1, 2017
    Spiritual Naturalist
    Isnt there things beyond the senses?
    Qualities and characteristics of being that do not fit physical description exist.

    A virtue, a care, a trust that exists inside you.

    A wonderful saying that you loyally adhere to.

    Those things that are not descriptive in terms of physical energies and are apart of being.

    The qualities can manifest in physical sensations, but are not the sensations themselves.

    You can literally feel peace, but the peace itself is a non physical quality of being.

    If somebody sets forth to meet the conditions of well being by action, meditation, rest, relation, etc. Then a spirit arises within when those conditions are successfully met. You begin to sense a quality of your own being, and sometimes it manifests in the physical.

    So its non descriptive by physical terms but nonethless exists in your qualities.
  2. wizanda

    wizanda One Accepts All Religious Texts
    Premium Member

    Oct 3, 2004
    A way to understand selflessness is when we can sense Oneness, that we are One, and the reality around us is all One in quantum physics...

    Then we can then move on to what if all this form is just code, and none of it is actually real, and literally the ultimate goal is 0neness (Zeroness), Nirvana...

    Where we let go of all attachment to things, and being, where we completely empty ourselves of personal ideas, and allow the waves of consciousness to direct us.

    Now fair enough if we've not actually learned to answer all the questions in our own psyche (self), then the ego often will keep chattering about what it needs to answer; yet when all the questions have gone, then there is a stillness where the psyche is silenced, and only the empty space of 0neness remains.

    In my opinion. :innocent:
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