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This Person's Blog

When you're about to fall asleep

I haven't posted in this section in almost 3 years. Wow.

A lot has transpired since that previous post. About a week before that post, I had sold my house and moved into a (far more manageable) condo. Soon after (and keeping a long story short), a turn of events led me to learn about the difference between soul-mates and twin-flames, and how a series of synchronicities, dreams, and similarities involving another soul and myself might be indicators that the other soul is my twin flame. I won't know that for sure until I catch up with that soul on the Other Side. Even if he's not a twin-flame, I suspect he was someone with whom I was very close in at least one past life. I can't think of anything else that would explain what has happened in spite of the fact that I hadn't even met this individual (in this lifetime) before he transitioned into the next world.

I still feel a connection with Lord Krishna, though that connection has been kind of running in the background due to the aforementioned. I'm currently wanting to rekindle it, though, bringing it again to the forefront of my daily life. I'm creating a sacred space in my home—an altar—and hope to have a statue of Lord Krishna in my possession later this week. This was a project I had started before the whole twin-flame thing flared up.
I haven't posted in this section in almost 3 years. Wow.
And it has now been 3 more years (and then some) since I posted the above . Most of the links in my previous journal-posts here don't even work anymore. I'd love to be able to just update/delete the entries whenever, but that's not an option, unfortunately (at least, not after a certain period of time has passed after the post has been published). However, since our profiles on XenForo platforms are more Facebook-esque (and that is probably intentional, to give the forum more of a social-network vibe), I think I will post journal-type updates on my profile from hereon in, because those posts can be edited or deleted, as needed, whenever, even months after they've been posted.