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This Person's Blog

Awhile ago, I had started a new journal here called "Chaela's
Corner" (which barely got off the ground anyway), but then
recently changed my username to RayJeena (an alternate spelling
of my actual name), so it feels odd to continue posting in a
journal with "Chaela" in the title now that I'm bearing the name

So, even though I really have no plans to change my username
yet again, I'm starting this new one, with no username in the
title, just to be safe. Because if I call it something like "RayJeena's
Journal", and then, down the road, end up changing my
username to, say, "SpudNut McPreet", I'll be inclined to start
yet another journal to match that moniker. I'm OCD like that.

Welcome to This Person's Blog. (Yeah, that should cover it).
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De Diablo Del Fora
Premium Member
I'm curious, Rayjeena. How would you describe yourself as a mystic? What's mysticism to you?
I'm curious, Rayjeena. How would you describe yourself as a mystic? What's mysticism to you?
I use the term “mystic” for lack of a better word.

Actually, I have a better word but hesitate to release it into the
public because, like any religious term, it could get hijacked in the
future and end up meaning something completely different from
what was originally intended.

At any rate, I use the term in the general sense it’s used. I’m
someone who favors a contemplative, meditative approach to
life, and want to be united with the Divine in whatever way that
means (though I lean towards bridal mysticism or, as it’s called in
Hinduism, “madhurya bhava”). I rely on (what I perceive as)
signs and synchronicities in the here-and-now as much as I
do any wisdom I glean from ancient sacred texts.

Since I don’t seem to fit into a single theological box that I could
be 100% committed to it (after about a week or two I start
waxing heretical in whatever belief system I’m trying to follow), I
run with “mystic” as my path. The paradigm-shfits come too
frequently for me to stay in place for very long. ツ

When you get out of the shower...