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This is well beyond general school stupidity. This is downright callous.

Discussion in 'General Debates' started by Twilight Hue, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. SomeRandom

    SomeRandom Still learning to be wise
    Staff Member Premium Member

    Apr 20, 2014
    Yeah, did you?
    It clearly says in black and white that this freaking 5 year old child was hit by a freaking car!!

    If my workplace tried to reprimand me for my non attendance due to being run over, I'd take the ****ers to court. Or at least the Union. Because that is beyond stupid. And you're saying a school should be able to punish a child for being hit by a car?

    And his attendance dropped to something like 96%. Hardly someone they were targeting anyway.
    This is not what I call implementing a policy, equally or fairly. That's called being a heartless person without any compassion, common sense or basic decency .This school should be ashamed of themselves.
    What's next? They won't extend this so called "treat" to those who missed two weeks because a parent died or something?
    #21 SomeRandom, Dec 18, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2015
  2. Draka

    Draka Wonder Woman

    Feb 19, 2005
    Lasso of Truth
    Yes. I did read the article. Did you?

    The school had an absentee problem. Fine. But there is a difference between truant and laid up in a hospital. I've never even held a job that couldn't tell that difference. Never, never have I heard of anyone being punished or reprimanded, in any way, for being hospitalized due to injury or illness. That is beyond a person's control and is not something to consider part of an absentee problem. Frankly, to even consider it to be so is absurd.
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  3. dust1n

    dust1n Zindīq

    Nov 14, 2007
    Post-Anarchism Austin, TX
    I mean, under any pretense, I'm not sure why you'd a rule to applies to people who experience medical emergencies and people who aren't experiencing medical emergencies alike..
  4. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf Rival's Wife

    Apr 11, 2005
    God is in the Rain
    How is a child who was hit by a car learning to "use victimhood." He was a legit victim who went through a legit trauma. It's a given there were zero chances he was being truant. Jobs have things like FMLA to cover necessary leaves, so why shouldn't this kid be excused?
  5. Quoth The Raven

    Quoth The Raven Half Arsed Muse

    Sep 3, 2004
    While I don't imagine the intent of the policy was to punish children with otherwise perfect attendance for being hospitalized, this is effectively the end result. If the policy allows for a distinction between 'authorised' and 'unauthorised' absence, then it's likely that the intent is - as with any well written policy - to be able to apply it equally to different circumstances and be able to arrive at a different end result. It's the desire to have a cut and dried answer that you don't have to think about that's the issue here.

    The rules are not being applied 'equally', they're being applied lazily. 'If we actually apply the policy workflow to this situation, he'd be able to go to the movie. We're worried that other people may then expect us to also apply the policy workflow to their situations, and really it's so much less work for us to just say no than it is to take five minutes to run through the page at the back of the policy with the boxes and the arrows that shows us what to do.'

    I've done a lot of policy review and mapping, I'd be reasonably certain the one for this policy isn't:

    Has the student had 96% attendance or greater? Yes ------> They can watch the movie No -------> Shun the unbeliever!