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asserts that there is a third path. which understands the union with the divine without losing its individuality.
beyond the dichotomy beyond "either one or the other"
this way I know it exists even if I haven't found it quite yet.

it is a way which proposes to be Gods in God.
I believe in a little-known doctrine called polypantheism.

In polypantheism, the Gods are omnipresent.
they are all "everything" but without being reduced to a numerical or consciousness uniqueness.

I believe that every human being has come to earth to unite with his Gods.

In a sense each God is THE supreme God in this sense each God is unique and yet there are an infinity of them.


Wandering in Darkness / Priest of Setesh
Premium Member
I'm not personally a believer in the middle path. Logically speaking to dissolve/submit into a deity and to seek individuality seem mutual exclusive, A and non-A.