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When learning about the Well of Miriam I came to understand that it can be found in two distinct locations in the Holy Land, the Kinneret and the Mediterranean Sea. I found this to be a curious thing. How could the same well which was with the Jews in the dessert for forty years be found in two distinct locations?

When describing the well, the Torah tells us that it is a rock which resembles a sieve. For each location the Torah tells us that the well could be seen in the water from a particular spot. The one in the Mediterranean Sea could be seen by one who stands at the peak of Mt. Carmel. One who positions himself in a place called Yeshimon will be able to see the other well in the Kinneret. The well will be found in the middle of the southern region of the Kinneret, in an area south of the hot springs. Could the well be an underground reservoir with multiple openings in different locations? I do not believe this to be the case but I thought I would present this hypothesis.

Only someone who has a special merit may benefit from the well. During their forty years in the dessert, this well was the Jewish people’s sole source of water, but it was only in the merit of Miriam that the well gave water in the first place. Even though Moshe Rabenu was the greatest prophet who ever lived and there would never be another like him, he did not have the merit which his sister did. Another would arise centuries later who would also posses the same merit, the Arizal. By giving R’ Chaim Vital this water to drink, R’ Chaim was able to absorb the sublime wisdom of Kabbalah which he had great difficulty understanding up to that point. It would appear that drinking this water improves one’s intellectual capabilities.

It has been brought to my attention that over the course of the last few decades a type of algae appeared in the Kinneret which is polluting the waters. Maps depicting the water quality show that significant areas of the southern region of the Kinneret are far less polluted than in the northern region.

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This is remarkable to me because as stated already, the southern region is the same area where the Well of Miriam is located.


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