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The synagogue of serpents I long for

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Spiderman, May 20, 2022.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    I find the tribe of Dan an interesting one because Jacob calls Dan a Viper by the road who strikes the heel, sending horse and rider backwards.
    Dan mean Judge, and Judges at that time had Dictatorial power, the final Judge being from the tribe of Dan.

    He (Samson) was the strongest person ever recorded, that millions believe existed, and God answered his prayer, and helped him commit suicide, by destroying an enemy Temple with his bear hands, pushing pillars over.

    That is legendary power attributed to reptilians.

    That is the most successful Kamikaze attack without explosives, and Samson means "of the Sun", and Kamikaze pilots wore Sun Disks honoring a Sun Divinity.

    But the crazy thing is, God helped him commit suicide and kill 3,000 people with him. He proves suicide can actually be inspired by God, therefore it wouldn't send him to hell.

    I call him Uncle Samson, personification of Herculean Government , to replace Uncle Sam.

    The tribe of Dan is the black sheep of Israel, not mentioned with the twelve tribes in revelation, the Talmud says all wickedness and darkness came from the section of the Kingdom they lived, and some Rabbis call him Belial, personification of the Devil, and many Christians say the Antichrist will come from Dan.

    I believe that they can channel that all for something good and beautiful.

    So, the idea of reptilians who descend from what Jacob called a venemous viper, who produce the monster Kamikaze Messiah Samson, who killed 1,000 philistines with Jawbone of a donkey, has much potential to offer some of what people are drawn to in the Demonic, but redeem it so that Dan is a harmless Devil, like the serpent of Moses on a pole that healed people, or the serpents of Moses that killed enemy serpents.

    I see Dan anointed to become the greater serpent, to supplant and replace the serpent that currently is in power, with a redeemed greater Devil Dan, who doesn't hurt people, just charms, heals, enlightens , and entertains.

    Scripture calls the body a Temple, and I have felt called to make mine a synagogue of serpents, where the tribe of Dan spirits are given permission to govern thoughts, words, and deeds, turning me into a reptile Saint or Messiah serpent channeler, in hopes of becoming a good reptilian, controlled by subtle clever serpents who inspire more clever decisions , and have wicked demonic serpent knowledge, but use it for good.

    Dan is described as a Lion, which symbolizes the Messiah animal, so some say a Messiah will come from Dan

    I call Dan the Leviathan (great serpent) of the corn fields, with children of the corn snake.

    To receive their reptile viper anointing, and use it for good, would be a blast.

    Dan is also represented by a dragon, Scorpio zodiac, my favorite because it comes with a spider, my favorite animal. IMG_2022-05-19-09-07-49-161.jpg

    Does anyone know why the M is on that picture of Dan Zodiac. Mary asked for an M on the miraculous medal, and the M on monster energy drinks, is three Hebrew 666 together.

    A black-sheep Messiah from the tribe represented by the Devil's animal, the tribe with worst reputation, could be most fascinating , entertaining, and appealing to a fallen world.

    The serpent, scripture says, is the most subtle of creatures, so a serpent anointing channeled the right way, could accomplish a lot of good.

    I feel connected to the Viper tribe, and maybe it isn't coincidence my best Jewish friend in real life, was named Dan, and one day as I was helping him, he said "you will have a big house in heaven for your kindness to a Jew". I also gave Dan my Israeli flag , and ran into him for the first time in a while, after a vision of God talking to the first Israeli prime minister from a burning bush.

    I feel they leave impressions on my mind and have a weird sense of humour. I like snakes. Only weird spirituality helps. I can't survive as a conventual normal person. If I could be adopted by the tribe of Dan and be a weird reptile serpent savior, healer, and exalt the tribe, fixing it's bad reputation, obtaining serpent powers and abilities to others , as a good Devil who obeys wise charitable Kami, that would be a dream come true.

    In the meantime, hope and faith in Spiritual entities is necessary for me to survive. Sometimes it really seems the tribe of Dan is saying they will replace the Devil serpent, whom Scripture calls "God of this world", like the staff of Moses becoming a greater serpent to kill opponent serpents. I feel Dan say, that as a serpent bought about the fall of humanity, a serpent shall be vital for redeeming us.

    I feel the tribe of Dan could be transformed into a group of redeemed loveable, virtuous Devils, who attract those drawn to wickedness , with demonic appeal and wickedly clever, but use powers that appear Satanic, to only accomplish the greatest good.

    That would be entertaining if the tribe started giving pentecostal reptile anointings, serpent minds, redeemed Devils of Dan saving the world. That would entertain and amuse me. I want to be a reptile serpent Jesus, son of Samson. :p
    #1 Spiderman, May 20, 2022
    Last edited: May 20, 2022
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  2. Viker

    Viker Spirit in Black

    Oct 8, 2011
    In Diabolica



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  3. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    What gave me hope in the serpent tribe actually active in my life in ways besides wishful thinking, was I wrote in my journal that the New Eve should get the New Adam to lighten up with some good forbidden fruit, listen to good serpent Dan. Catholic Church calls Mary the new Eve, Jesus the new Adam.

    The next time I went to Mass I opened a hymnal right up to "New Eve" song, next to "New Adam" song, next to a bag of dungeons and dragons nerds. So, there is a serpent, for the serpent had legs in the garden originally , so was a dragon, next to "New Adam", "New Eve". 09bfc3fbe4a54256ad6092abd4c0d234.jpg

    Oh New Eve, make me a Devil who you love, a Danite reptilian serpent of the New Eve, that we may be the New Serpent and New Eve who saves the world from what another serpent and Eve did.

    Make your serpents more powerful Devils than the enemy Devils, but Devils and monsters with virtue, charity, chivalry, nobility, who supplant and defeat, remove, replace, or convert Devils who harm people, with wickedly clever reptilian minds, under the influence of the synagogue of serpents, as the most subtle clever creatures, raised up as good monsters like Behemoth, Mary's monsters to destroy other monsters, as does Behemoth.