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The Status of Jesus


Defender of the Truth
Yes Hindus also believe Jesus is burried in Kashmir. We also believe he lived in India when he was younger and learned from swamis.


New Member
Read this for complete explanation of the above information.

ThIs Site and Also This Group is naot an Authentic Source For us.
Because Their Group leader Mirza Claimed that he was Massih(Jesus).We Muslim Belive that they are Liar And Thier Group is the big Conspiracy against ISLAm.They are Not muslims At all.
And this Liar Mirza was Died when he was in Toilet.
Lastly Buddha,s Mother was Not a virgin,He has A father Also Who was The King at that Time.


New Member
Mary got pregnant..

She had Jesus...

He lived a life of no sin..

He was tortured and cucified for us..


By This You are Trying to Prove that there is no Purpose for the Creation of the Universe.All human sins Are Forgiven,Then waht is The need of Heaven.
The people Who do injustice on Earth,Are they Are all forgiven.The people Who are Living the Life of Misery because of Unjust and Cruel people ,Wher will they go for justice beacuse according to you Sins of those Cruel People are also Forgiven.
Is it make sense.
Do as many Sins as you can Beacuse Jesus Had been Crucified for Your Sins.

Ahmad Rushd

New Member
Allah did not confirm that He is the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, because He actually claimed that Jesus did those miracles by His power but never did those miracles in the life of Mohammad, another one is that the Yaweh the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, fought Himself for Israel on its critical times but Allah never fought for Muslims but left the dirty blood work for them to do, therefore, the God of Mohammad is not the God of Jesus of the Bible, Allah never in actuality raised the dead, healed the sick, opened the eyes of the blind, it is easy I can also claim to be the Messiah, my messiahship will be tested in this that can my God raised the dead... do the miracles that Jesus performed, Mohammad is no exception, he and his God are to be tested as well.
since Prophet Mohamed { PRAYERS & PEACE UPON HIM} respect his brother Jesus (PRAYERS & PEACE UPON HIM) & consider him as prophet this means that Mohamed is a true rather than false prophet.If he was false prophet he would have tried to look for Jesus in another way to gather more people around him.
false prophets usually lie.
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