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The Savior’s Voice

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by fisherman1, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. fisherman1

    fisherman1 fisherman

    Apr 6, 2009
    My dear friend don’t you hear
    The Savior’s voice who holds you dear
    He’s calling you from heaven above
    He sent his Spirit as a dove
    To tell of judgment and convict of sin
    And make a way to enter in
    Through the Door into his good graces
    To sit in Christ in heavenly places
    The door is open don’t delay
    The time is now, today’s the day
    God is love we can all agree
    But there’s another side you need to see
    A Day is coming called Judgment Day
    When Heaven and earth will flee away
    To the rocks and hills man will cry aloud
    Fall on us and become our shroud
    Every idle word you say
    You’ll account for on Judgment Day
    You must decide what you will do
    The Savior’s voice is calling you.