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The Satanic Bond of the Nine Angles

Discussion in 'Left-Hand Path Religions DIR' started by Adramelek, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Adramelek

    Adramelek Setian
    Premium Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    Covenant of Set ☥⛧☥ Order of the Serpent
    A variation on the "Ceremony of the Nine Angles" from the Satanic Rituals in regards to the symbolic and angular bonds of the Seal of the Nine Angles.


    "I Am that I Am.
    Through the Angles I speak and pledge anew
    The bond of the Daemons,
    By whose will this world hath come to be.

    From the First Angle is the infinite,
    Wherein the laughing one doth cry
    And the howling chaos wails unto the ending of time.

    From the Second Angle is the master who doth order
    The planes and the angles, and who hath conceived
    The World of Horrors in its terror and glory.

    From the Third Angle is the messenger
    Who hath created thy power to behold
    The master of the World of Horrors,
    Who giveth to thee substance of being
    And the knowledge of the Nine Angles.

    From the Fourth Angle is the Ram of the Black Sun,
    Who brought thy selves to be,
    Who endureth upon the World of Horrors
    And proclaimeth the time that was,
    The time that is,
    And the time that shall be;
    And whose Name is the
    Brilliance of the Nine Angles.

    From the Fifth Angle are the hornless ones,
    Who raise the temple of the five trihedrals
    Unto the Daemons of creation,
    Whose seal is at once four, and five, and nine.

    From the Sixth Angle is the sleep
    Of the Daemons in symmetry, which doth
    Vanquish the five but shall not prevail
    Against the four and the nine.

    From the Seventh Angle is the ruin of symmetry
    And the awakening of the Daemons, for the four
    And the nine shall prevail against the six.

    From the Eighth Angle are the Masters of the Realm,
    Who raise the temple of the eight trihedrals
    Unto the Daemons of creation,
    Whose seal is at once four, and five, and nine.

    From the Ninth Angle is the flame
    Of the beginning and ending of dimensions,
    Which blazeth in brilliance and darkness
    Unto the glory of desire".
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