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The Satan


huajiro said:
Isnt Satan supposed to be purely evil? I have had friends who were Satanic and they only worshipped Satan, that is all they did. I would think that just as someone who believes in the Christian "God" might strive to emulate Jesus, the Satanists would strive to emulate Satan, and therefore would try to promote vices, violence, pain, suffering, etc.

If this is the case, why don't you hear about the KKK or skinheads being Satanic, or any other such groups?
Well the present assumption is to paint satan as being full of tortures and violence... but what you see is often a christian that goes hay-wire and murders someone rather atrociously... then a large group of christians get a bad feel about that person and they immediately call it satanic... to distance themselves from something scary and unpleasant. In other words we shouldn't paint satan with pre-concieved notions, especially here in America where christians have a stranglehold on the media and people's ordinary perceptions... we're all smarter than that... and it may take some time before a new enlightenment arrives.


THE DEVIL? I can't see any picture. I think I've seen it before somewhere (I do recall something) but I've mostly forgotten it.

Oh, and the devil, satan, shaitan, all the same. Allah created us, not shaitan. Also, I'm thinking that picture doesn't show him as a fireball or something. Just to let you know, shaitan is a Jinni, created by Allah, and is essentially a smokeless fire. Don't ask me for exact details. Jinn are invisible to us and have the ability to possess us.

Dr. Nosophoros

Active Member
Allah created us, not shaitan. Also, I'm thinking that picture doesn't show him as a fireball or something.
Don't Muslims in the Middle East still trample and kill each other to this day to throw rocks at giant statues of "satan" during one of their holidays? I hope he looks like those statues because man I'd hate to think they were killing each other in the frenzy over nothing.

Don't worry, it's "God's will"- not human stupidity:bonk: .

It doesn't really matter though, we have rock, rap etc. concerts where people are trampled also, it just shows you how easy faith and emotions can overtake the senses and how easy it is for some people to go with the flow and not stop to think about what they are really doing.


The Devil's Advocate
huajiro said:
Isnt Satan supposed to be purely evil? I have had friends who were Satanic and they only worshipped Satan, that is all they did. I would think that just as someone who believes in the Christian "God" might strive to emulate Jesus, the Satanists would strive to emulate Satan, and therefore would try to promote vices, violence, pain, suffering, etc.

If this is the case, why don't you hear about the KKK or skinheads being Satanic, or any other such groups?

As does the word "evil." In the traditional Christian sense, anything that opposes God's will is evil and anything that leads people away from God is Satanic. Thus, for example, science was viewed by some as Satanic.

If your friends are true Satanists, they don't see themselves as worshiping the source of pure evil. They see themselves as emulating the first being to oppose God's will and decide to rule himself. Satanists do not try to actively promote vices, violence, pain, suffering, etc. Instead, Satanists "worship" themselves and reject the constraints of conventional morality. It is a self-centered religion, which imo makes it evil, but it does not actively promote the conventional notions of evil. Hope that makes sense.

Feathers in Hair

World's Tallest Hobbit
Just from a humble Pagan perspective, the pentacle worn a certain way is a symbol of the Wiccan tradition. Gerani was right, four of the points stand for Fire, Water, Air, and Earth and the last for Spirit. Traditionally, pagans wear it with the last point upward, symbolizing that they prize spiritual things over the material. In certain Satanic traditions, it is worn with that point facing downward. (I've heard that Satanists dislike being mistaken as Wiccan more than Wiccans dislike being mistaken for Satanists. I don't know if that's true.)


Active Member
If you will forgive the musings of an old soul, ...boy are you long winded sometimes. :) It becomes a trouble to me to read and comprehend it all. You have posted a topic that has certainly garnered some determined responses. I have gone to your profile and I find nothing there.
So, I inquire, beloved,... why do you take the name The Devil? Where are you from, (not that it makes a difference, just curious) I can't figure out just exactly what you believe in. It seems to me that you speak of Jesus and God and Satan in the same breath at times. Perhaps I am totally incorrect. If so please enlighten me. Don't make it a long story, " Just the facts, mam, just the facts" as they used to say on a TV show called Dragnet. I am not just giving lip service, beloved, I truly want to know the answers to my questions, if you will so indulge me.



I'm back!
No, wrong again. The pentacle isn't about nature it's about religion. It's just not about ignorance which is why the ignorant know nothing of it.

!!!! the pentacle is also used in hinduism. especially in demonstrating kudnalini yoga. as well as the star of david. but we call it the gayatri yantra.


You all know that satan is entirely awesome and more awesome than you can possibly comprehend him to be. Yet you foolishly make your own conclusions about him while in the back of your head you still know he is too "Awesome/mighty" to have any reliable belief/conclusion. Another thing you are forgetting. In his awesomeness, that he bears down so hard on us all. He wants you to think he is on your side. But does he reveal to you? Does he gratitude you ever? If you ever think he has, its because your taking on something you think you can take on, but you cant. Nobody here can take on or comprehend satan and nobody here will ever be able to. Going into detail, read, . There are infact awesome and all powerful spirits around us. Satan being one of them, yes, its true. He is here. He is looking at you. When you decide that you want to "ally" yourself with satan. One of THE MOST AWESOME AND POWERFUL spirits existing. Your foolishness has at that very second you decided to find peace in satan, taken advantage of you, and that is the skin surface of satan and you deliver yourself further into his grasp . If he wanted to ally with you, or find peace in you, he would not be here, he would be waiting for us untill it was our time, peacefully. But he IS here, hence the reason we know he exists. And the fact that he is even here means he has interest in declining you. If he was to ever be agreeable to you he would keep silent and leave you alone untill you are among the room of the great and powerful spirits. He would greet you and say HELLO and would remeness with you. But he is HERE.

Here is something i shouldnt probably reveal. But to get the point across i will.
If infact you want to ally with satan. Anything you do physically here will be of no use to him. If you truly were a believer in satan. You would shut the hell up . For this is the only way he would recognize you with any respect. Satan is only among us because he believes we are undeserving and insignificant. To ally yourself with satan would mean that you would Realize this and commit suicide. Anything else you claim to do in the name of satan he will just sit and watch and laugh and use it all as a toy for himself. Are you an ally or a toy? If you want to take partnership with the mighty satan, take partnership with him. Dont be a fool, take partnership. Are you a fool or a partner, ask yourself and do not say in your head Fooey on zionic86 for his bullcorn. That is an inferior and foolish thought that would only lead you to inferiority resulting in being satans toy. Are you allied with satan? Figure for yourself. This is all my personal OPINIONS and i am FULLY aware that they are ENTIRELY possible of being wrong. If infact you know other knowledge that can enligthen me to a differrent point of view please send a private message im EAGER to hear it ALL. Im here to express my opinions as well as intake other opinions. Im here to learn not to teach. So lets get to it.

(what is satan?) -- Question


(Satan is this) -- Your detailed conclusion of who satan is.


Basically this diagram resembles how when your conclusions are made about him, and they are detailed, you have to take paths mentally, to conclude certain details. ALl of those certain details about satan that you have concluded are infact satan himself and his deception covering your eyes.

Thats my opinion. I do not fully believe in my opinions because to me my opinions are still just unreliable opinions. Other opinions welcome. Would like to hear.


Well-Known Member
Did you know that Satan is not the enemy of God's name?

Nor is Devil this fallen angels name either?!

People back in Bible times named him Beelzebub which means "owner of dung".

In the original scriptures there were many satan and devil references in both the Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) scriptures. These references meant something entirely different than the actual individual. These references were all enemies of God, not just the fallen angels.

Check out what 'satan', 'devil' and 'beelzebub' mean for yourself at http://www.dictionary.com ...


Well-Known Member
The angels in the scriptures never had wings when they materialized as men. The only accounts of angels with wings is for the ark of the covenant but there is no description of whether they, the angels, looked like men or not. There are other 'accounts' of sorts but these are visions and not reality. Any picture of the chief enemy of God, Beelzebub (who is both a satan and a devil), is impossible since he is an invisible spirit to the human naked eye or there would have been a description of him in Matthew 4:1-10.


Picture a functioning plant cell. Picture god the nucleus. Picture the blobs in the cell as fellow gods with god. Picture that in one of the blobs is a bunch of electrons making it up. Picture that in the electrons is a galaxy much like the one we are in. Picture A virus inside of the cell attatching itself to the blob holding galaxies. We are in the blob holding galaxies because its this dimension. this dimension is represented in five senses. Satan is clutching the blob, he is an HIV virus. However since this cell isnt one u would find here under a microscope, and since the ones under microscopes are just mirror sketches representing what is beyond, and since everything is in a big logical circle. The virus in the main reality, that being god, really can never overcome the entire cell. because the virus is controled also by the nucleus of the cell, for it creates all things. The virus will grab the blob with galaxies and attack it and kill it and all that were contained in the blob of galaxies will rejoin with the cell inside of the nucleus. The virus will then be destroyed. The virus is satan. Thats a portrait of satan screw the drawings, they mean other things.


Well-Known Member
Ok, now that you have researched the terms I supplied in my previous post about 'devil', 'satan' and 'beelzebub', you are ready for the next suprise. The scriptures that all Bibles are translated from have many 'satans' and 'devils' listed here there and everywhere. So 'The Satan' and 'The Devil' really aren't his, the fallen angels names. And Beelzebub was a name the people gave the 'Ruler of the devils'. As to the post above mine about the fallen angel people think his name is Satan, that entity will be dealt with one day. He's no threat to the real God of the universe because the Bible says in Revelation 20:1-3 that he will be abyssed to the pit of destruction for 1000 earth years. A little while later he and his cohort fallen angels (devils) will be released or resurrected from the pit to mess with the people for one last time (Revelation 20:10). Then they, all the bad angels, will be destroyed forever because you see, there is no fiery place called Hell where this 'Satan' is ruling now or will rule in the future.

Oh and another thing. The angels that did come to earth that the Christian God wanted us to know what they looked like were described as "looking like men". There are no descriptions of the 'devils' (demons) or 'satans' in the scriptures and the Christian God is said to be a spirit, etc. Those same scriptures also say angels are watching us from midheaven which is where the birds fly. No one has seen any angels to date which means they are invisible. Which means the demons and beelzebub are invisible. So just you forget all about this 'satan' business and those pictures. No earthling man has ever seen this 'satan' except Jesus who also could see the demons who possessed people.

All those devils and satans are going to be toast soon! (Gehenna)

There is no Hell or ghosts because the dead just die. This 'satan' doesn't rule a underworld where the bad dead go when they die. The underworld this 'satan' rules is the fallen angels ('satans', 'devils', 'demons') on earth. Out of heaven... underworld...

(Ecclesiastes 9:5) [size=-1]For the living know that they will die, but the dead don't know anything, neither do they have any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. (WEB)