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The real teaching of One

Discussion in 'Journals' started by rational experiences, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    Every human today in the knowledge of our life sickness and life in sacrifice is meant to remember, life being sacrificed is not any holy act.

    We are all meant to be equal by biological medical conscious spiritual Healer science aware information.

    Once, a long time ago, all human being parents no matter what country they lived in owned the same DNA.

    We were all family, extended family.

    We are all meant to quote O we all live on the same one planet body....we live in a water holy massed atmospheric Nature diverse body. All owning and using the same equal natural living conditions.

    The presence of an Immaculate night time atmosphere.
    The presence of a day light burning gas yet cooled atmosphere.
    The life forms of life living inside of a water/oxygenated biome living condition.

    We all own bones one body of a self like stone, as a living spirit body within...we all own the SAME bone structure.
    We all own the same bio life blood and cells use in the water mass body.

    We are the same.

    Only one condition against us can change us, mutate us, and then in natural living sexual conditions, we live, we change, we apply no science radiation causes, we evolve.

    Today we all look different, yet we are all one and the same human extended family, irradiated and made to look different.

    So we are meant to think as ONE.

    One self owner of one life. And totally ignore any form of coercive scientific thesis, argument or status, for science is just a human choice.

    And just be that ONE self....our owned spiritual teaching to bring self back to reality and real thinking statements.

    When you claim...everything that exists that is not a human supports my life presence as the ONE and only thinker, then you express, it is Holy, it is present and with me, the One human self.

    Any other stories or themes in this state of correct human thinking the ONE SELF therefore owns no relevance and it was just human group coercive purpose......selfishness for the gain of the not natural grouping statements.

    For any ONE self in natural life knows that 2, 2 parents own our life presence. As a natural reason for life continuance.

    Yet if every single ONE self, just a human thought the purpose of ONE, in reality, then you ignore all of your human family and just think on behalf of being that ONE self.

    Then you would reason that you have been coerced, which was our own ONE relative teaching.

    Do not be swayed by what other ONE selves are motivated to achieve for their selfish purpose.

    To live as ONE self in a unity of being ONE is to honour and respect and own companionship as the theme ONE.