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The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
I really don't wanna go to the job today. Getting shipping figured out and getting items listed is all I have left to do for my own work to open up for business.


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The easy use of the word fanny by americans always catches me out. Another instance of different mean for the same word. In the uk fanny means female genitals.

I've heard it used as a name, such as Fannie Flagg. And Fani Willis.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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I've heard it used as a name, such as Fannie Flagg. And Fani Willis.

My grandmothers nickname was Fanny, her real name was Fay, i never got out of her why she was called Fanny.
She did refer to her genitals as her tuppence which i discovered thats how much a girl could get for prostituting during the early 1900s

sun rise

The world is on fire
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Dunno, I've never met one like that. I thought my hubbies parents were upper class but they don't sound/act like toffee nosed twits with a plum in their mouths

I not even sure the 1950 BBC upper class twit existed in the 1950s, maybe a stereotype of the 1850s true blue wigg
I would not use a Python skit as a marker for typical behavior.