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The Random, Meaningless Announcements Thread 3!

Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
Tomorrow it will be June.
I won't be as ready for the big engine show as I'd planned.
That's OK. Things are looking for picking up my Fitchburg
steam engine in NJ. And I've got 2 new forklift operators
to get oriented. Woohoo!


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I still need to clean it up and finish parametizing it. But it was a test of my congnitive ability to write something in powershell which I don't really know but which is actually simple outside of the incredible complexity of ffmpeg.
Set-Location "\\srwc-files\Video Work\ds-jc-VIDEO THUMBNAIL Work\ffmpeg" $ffmpeg = "ffmpeg" $pathtomp4 = "..\mp4\" $outputDir = "..\IMG\" $videos = Get-ChildItem -Path $pathtomp4 -Recurse -Filter *.mp4 $startTime = "00:00:03" $interval = "00:02:00" $imageCount = 4 $imageWidth = 100 Write-Output "Extracting jpeg from mp4" # Command to skip the first 3 seconds of the video $skipCommand = "-ss $startTime" # Command to extract images from every 2 minutes #$extractCommand = "-vf fps=1/$interval,scale=$imageWidth:-1" Write-Output "Working on:" foreach ($video in $videos) { $inputfile = $pathtomp4 + "\" + $video Write-Output $video $outputfile = $OutputDir + "\" + $video # Construct the full FFmpeg command $ffmpegCommand = .\ffmpeg.exe -loglevel error -i $inputfile -ss $startTime -vf fps=0.00833333333,scale=100:-1 -q:v 2 -frames:v 5 ${outputfile}_%04d.jpg
Nice one! I remember making some powershell stuff and using Get-ChildItem. I like how clear and well described your code is.

Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
You have to know, at some point, one of these guys said...Hey, I got a great idea.....


Wu Wei

ursus senum severiorum and ex-Bisy Backson
huh...that's weird..... all of a sudden I'm in a mood to watch the movie Commando