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The Proper Age for Quran Learning

Discussion in 'Islam DIR' started by zainabhaseen, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. zainabhaseen

    zainabhaseen Innocent Angel

    May 11, 2010
    The Holy Quran is a divine book from Allah and we all know that Quran learning has a very great importance in our life. There have been many questions about when parents should teach their kids how to read Quran and the basics of Quran learning. It has been said that parents are completely responsible for the religious education of their child and that they should teach them the book of Allah with proper recitation. In fact according to Islamic perspective there is no age limit for children after which they can start Quran learning or any other Islamic education.

    Some people say that parents should start teaching Quran to their kids when they reach the age of seven but a child may be different from other children both in his mental and intellectual abilities. Some children get matured quickly as compared to others, when parents acknowledge that their child has reached to that proper age limit where he is able to understand things, show signs of distinction and great memory … they should start teaching them the fundamentals of Quran learning and religious responsibilities.

    The reason why it’s better for a child to start Quran learning at an early age is because memorization is very excellent in an early age. However, in some cases children cannot digest Quran learning at such an early age – in those cases parents should start teaching them later when they grow enough to understand and digest the Islamic education. It also has been recommended to start the memorization to kids when he starts learning Quran because there are many examples of kids who have memorized Quran at the age of seven. The memorization during that specific age becomes so rigid that even if it is not revised, it doesn’t result in forgetting.
  2. Ali12

    Ali12 Member

    Aug 25, 2010
    Learning of Quran Hakeem is very important. You have mentioned so many very interesting and obvious things, which we have been neglecting now a days. The persons who are living in western countries, have a serious problem regarding the way of learning this Holy book to their children. To deal with this situation, a very good site is been launched, http://www.easyquransite.com based on the easy learning idea. A must visit worthy site for every Muslim.
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