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The Prajapita Brahmakumaris on overcoming old and negative habits...


Well-Known Member
Insightful article by the Prajapita Brahmakumaris on creating a methodical roadmap to overcome old negative habits and addictions...

How to Overcome Old Habits | Brahma Kumaris | Raja Yoga Meditation

An excerpt...

Any Change passes through three phases

Realisation: There is a deep rooted need to change. A feeling that things/habits should not continue the way it is now. Realisation starts, when I decide to change irrespective of the situation or person around me.

Motivated Implementation:
This is where the actual change starts. We slowly start bringing in the change or at least make preparations. Suppose, I want to increase my fitness, I start going for morning walks or join a yoga class. I start reading articles on fitness. I’d envision myself being fit and experience the joy.

Consistent Reconfirmation and Course Correction:
This is the most important phase. We need to have regular check points in our schedules where we analyse the progress, take corrective measures if required and re-motivate ourselves. This should be a part of the daily routine. I could have posters around my work space, calendar reminders, and regular discussions with a trusted friend or mentor, maintain a journal or anything which serves the purpose.

Most of us make a great start but falter, at the last step. It is because we haven’t spent time analysing and taking corrective measures due to the busy lives we lead.

How to analyse the progress?

Once we have initiated the change and have made some progress it is important to analyse it in an objective way. Most of us get critical and look at the things we are yet to complete or have failed to achieve, instead of looking at what we have achieved. This causes exhaustion and disappointment. It is equally important to appreciate what we have achieved, however small it may be. This gives us the power to move ahead and take steps to correct our failures. ~ Prajapita Brahmakumaris