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The official doppelgänger SWOON thread!!


Big Squishy Hugger
Premium Member
OK, I admit it - I have a sizable crush on the guy. He knows just how to tease me with his Dr. Strange avatar (hot). He is insightful and intelligent (hot). And he has a remarkable sense of humor (hot).

He's also dedicated to autism advocacy, and as a fellow parent of an autistic kiddo, this is icing on the cake that shows Brendan's awesomeness.

So this thread is dedicated to dopp and as a vessel for his fanbase to pour adoration all over him should he be so kind to peek in and show that sexy thang. :drool:

I will start:

My name is Heather, and I swoon for doppelgänger. :bow: :flirt:



Citizen Mod
There is not a day that goes by that I find more in common with Doppelganger, color me swooned.


Forum Relic
Premium Member
doppelgänger;1059150 said:
I could shave my signature into your chest hair. Would that work?
It'll be kind of hard to make a tattoo out of that, but that'll work. ;)