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The Lone Ranger


Adventure Ridge: Americanized Fantasy

The Lone Ranger (Johnny Depp) is a good film, and it resurrects an old favourite Western.

The Lone Ranger is like America's version of James Bond cinema, those fun British spy films featuring colourful super-villains and beautiful women.

My favourite Bond films are Goldfinger and The Living Daylights, because they feature very interesting villains who can honestly be paired with comic book stylized characters such as Galvatron and Cyclonus, evil renegades of the Decepticon robot army from Transformers (Hasbro).

Goldfinger and The Living Daylights feature two villains, respectively, named Goldfinger and Necros, who really typify fascism and terrorism (see pictures below), just like Galvatron and Cyclonus.

If that's the sort of thing that excites you, then The Lone Ranger will entertain you if you like Westerns and American adventure cinema.

goldfinger.jpg galvatron.jpg

agent.jpg cyclonus.jpg