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The Knowledge of The Holy

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Veteran Member
I represent them who sent me.
It will be just you and I.

The clock is ticking.

If they ban me before we are done you automatically lose.
If you refuse the challenge it will be on record.
What they do is up to them.

I am done talking.

You either do it or don't.
So, the cock is tickling, eh?:D


דניאל יוסף בן מאיר הירש
If they ban me before we are done you automatically lose.
That's actually not how it works.

The loser of a debate is the one who cannot refute the opposition. Being banned means you cannot refute. As long as the opposition makes a valid argument at the end, they win.

So yes, you need to adhere to the rules of the forum to win.

Joining the forum is acceptance and acknowledgement of the rules of the forum. You joined; you agreed. You consented and are on the record.

Sgt. Pepper

All you need is love.
What!! Are you trying to claim that I will not get my Don Julio!!


Sorry, my friend. You're out of luck. I suppose you can still have it, despite the fact that what the OP boastfully claims isn't accurate.
Not open for further replies.