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The Incorruptibility of Saints

Discussion in 'Orthodox Christian DIR' started by Confucian Mormon Buddhist, May 18, 2017.

  1. Confucian Mormon Buddhist

    May 13, 2017
    Agnostic Deist
    I don't mean to step on anybody's toes here, but I have a bit of a controversial topic I'd like to discuss with some actual Orthodox believers (I'm not Orthodox myself, and I'm in a region that has almost no Orthodox).

    I recently took a Russian History class where I read and wrote an essay on Robert Greene's dissertation "Bodies Like Bright Stars." In it he discusses the role of saints and relics in Tsarist Russia and the exhumation movement of the Bolsheviks.

    One thing that I found particularly troubling was that the "incorruptible" saints mostly turned out to just be rotten or, even worse, fakes, presumably manufactured by the monks themselves.

    As Orthodox believers, how do you all deal with this issue? I had some interest in Orthodox religion before, but the scale of the corruption seems to be so great that I'm really put off of it now.