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The "I Side With" Political Quiz


Libertarian Unitarian
Or for our Canadian friends http://www.canada.isidewith.com/

I Side With is a very comprehensive quiz and polling website that is a much better indicator of political knowledge than Politic-O-Matic or the Political Compass.

Politic-O-Matic only tells you what kind of politician you align with the most; as far as Political Compass.org goes, they themselves view almost every major US politician to the far-right authoritarian wing of the compass and the website seems to fair better with liberals than it does conservatives. I'm sorry, but having a question basically ask you if money should be used for the good of people or corporations, you know that it has a liberal bias towards it.

I am actually very surprised my searches didn't come up with a result for this website. When I first used the website, it was a few years ago and didn't have too much going for it. Now it seems like it's a powerhouse! It has a ton of statistics for your viewing pleasure! This website will accurately represent what parties and politicians you side with, or don't side with, and as well, breaks down issues with percentage points and even allows you to rate how important each issue is for you.

One complaint I want to give this quiz is that it doesn't track previous politicians. Because Trump is the only Republican left for President, it won't show me how well I did with Kasich, Cruz, or any of the other former nominees.

I ranked as 1) a Centralist 2) I'm Republican/Libertarian on all issues except foreign policy, which I'm Green (dunno how that happened) and immigration, which I'm consistently Democratic on 3) the party I lean towards the most is Libertarian with 79% 4) I side with Austin Petersen (LP) 84% of the time, the highest out of all the other presidential candidates. 5) The issue that matters most to me is elections, and the least is crime.

Regardless to say, this website gives you a lot more detail on pressing political issues than the other two websites. I must warn, however, that if you do the entire quiz/poll, it will probably take you an hour to complete. That's how long it took me, anyway.

Let us know your results here!


Well-Known Member
Premium Member
I'm usually really Green on that; but ever since Sanders it put him up there too in my results.


Bodhisattva in Recovery
No surprises here.

Cruz 87%
Trump 85%
McCormick 80%
BS 31%
Hildebeast 21%


Who the heck are the last 3 jokers? I haven't even heard of them.

Not surprisingly, I support BS(anders) over Clinton slightly.


Rogue Animist
Premium Member
Some of the categories--and the questions in them--were off, in my opinion. I understand that the questions have to be asked in ways that make sense of policy positions across candidates who may have expressed their positions in considerably different ways, and that there may be limitations--but c'mon--only ONE science question, about NASA? Only a couple of questions on crime and law enforcement not directly connected to immigration and terrorism? Only a couple on education? The "local" questions were about who you think would win the state primary?

Anyway, this puts me at
Bernie 96 percent
Hillary 91
Stein 91
McAfee 73
Johnson 61
Trump 25


Libertarian Unitarian
Who the heck are the last 3 jokers? I haven't even heard of them.

They're members of the Libertarian Party, which are classified as right-wing on economic issues and left-wing on social issues. Otherwise known as classical liberals.