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The Forklift Thread


Veteran Member
Staff member
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A sporklift.



Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member
My other keeper is this late 1940s Towmotor.
The frame & counterweight are welded steel.
The counterweight is filled with lead.
These aren't rare, but they're uncommon.
I've only seen one other.
2 stage mast, no sideshift, hard tires, gasoline
Continental engine.

Mine is similar to this'n, but without the fancy paint.
(My tires are more manly.)
My old Towmotor is now on loan with a friend.
I've stopped collecting forklifts.
Too much stuff.


Veteran Member
I like forklifts. I just sold one, so I'm down to 3.
I plan to limit it to at most 2 hereafter.

My current favorite is my 5k# Cat.
Propane powered, sideshift, 3-stage mast, 4' forks, solid tires.
It looks similar to this'n...
If you loved forklifts enough you
would have a steam powered one.


Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member
- Bumpers at the posts.
- Independent racks.
- Heavy duty structural racks.
- Better forklift drivers.
- Better driver training.
- Require a spotter for every driver.
- A device to sense imminent prohibited contact to automatically brake the forklift.


Premium Member
I have a nice beefy pallet fork for my tractor, would fork lift people make me an honorary member of the club?


Bodhisattva in Recovery
Oh ah, oh oh...

@Revoltingest You will be happy to know I have a new love affair in the works, sorta related to this thread, with a fellow named Matt from a Youtube channel called Diesel Creek. :) Believe it or not, I have sat through almost all his videos. I find the whole thing with machinery to be utterly fascinating and wonder now how I ever managed to ignore cold steel! :)