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The end of the world in Greek mythology

Ellen Brown

Well-Known Member
I use :thumbsup:DuckDuckGo:thumbsup:??!

Don't know if it is better or less biased.

Zeus, the chief of all gods was beside himself with anger at the depravity and wickedness of humans. Being quite unenthusiastic with them from the start, it didn’t take long for him to make up his mind: he’d finish with the lot of them once and for all. So, with a little help from his brother Poseidon, lord of the waters, he unleashed a storm that made hurricane Sandy look like a refreshing spring drizzle. Only the mountain tops poked out of the waters that covered the earth for nine whole days. When the waters subsided, big Z heaved a huge sigh of relief, thinking that he had seen the last of our species. But…

as soon as the waters were down the smell of a sacrificial fire invaded his nostrils. Zeus had forgotten that heavenly smell. Oh, how he had missed it during those nine days. Who were the good people who pleased him so? And –wait a minute– how had they survived the flood?

Big Z looked down from his abode on the holy mountain of Olympus and saw a couple, king Deucalion (let’s call him Deuce) of Thessaly and his wife Pyrrha. Immediately he knew what had happened. It was plainly obvious that that rascal of a Titan, Prometheus, had warned his human son and saved his life. Zeus made a mental note to deal with Prometheus later, but the humans were so insignificant and puny and the smell of their sacrifice so delicious that he decided to be nice. Besides, after nine days of wanton destruction he was in great spirits.
The end of the world in Greek mythology (1)

It is difficult to know how much of that old history was true.


Non-Binary Physicalist
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It is difficult to know how much of that old history was true.

Here is a different reference, but it is mythology.

The Flood in the Age of Deucalion - Greek Mythology Link

I wonder which was written first. Of course the Sumerian flood was prior to either.

The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh dates back nearly 5,000 years and is thought to be perhaps the oldest written tale on the planet. In it, there is an account of the great sage Utnapishtim, who is warned of an imminent flood to be unleashed by wrathful gods. He builds a vast circular-shaped boat, reinforced with tar and pitch, that carries his relatives, grains and animals. After enduring days of storms, Utnapishtim, like Noah in Genesis, releases a bird in search of dry land.
Before Noah: Myths of the Flood Are Far Older Than the Bible


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It is difficult to know how much of that old history was true.
It's not history, it's myth. Two definitions:
"a story that's good to think with" Clifford Geertz
"something that never happened but is always true" Joseph Campbell

And no, there isn't a belief in the end of the world. Nor is there one in Heathenism, as after Ragnarok a new generation of gods pick up the pieces and carry on. Belief in the end of the world is a monotheist thing.

Ellen Brown

Well-Known Member
It's not history, it's myth. Two definitions:
"a story that's good to think with" Clifford Geertz
"something that never happened but is always true" Joseph Campbell

And no, there isn't a belief in the end of the world. Nor is there one in Heathenism, as after Ragnarok a new generation of gods pick up the pieces and carry on. Belief in the end of the world is a monotheist thing.

Many believe the world will end to be replaced by a "New Earth".


New Member
The end of Greek mythology or the final doom has to do with Mouros the god of doom. Theoretically, each god controlled a certain thing and a Greek mythological Ragnarok would be theoretically controlled by doom. And doom itself is referred to as Mouros. Mouros was the impending doom that would strike everyone and everything someday. Therefore, since life is considered "a thing", Mouros would the final end.

The Greeks though didn't dabble in the concept of the cycle of life such as life to death to life to death and repeat. They though did believe everything had an end. Eventually, it is suspected that a common thought spread that humans had the goal of creating and if they wouldn't do this goal, Mouros, the Keres, Thanatos, and more gods would slowly destroy them.

Places to learn about Mouros are everywhere. The God is a very interesting one. The most interesting god in my opinion is Achlys, the eternal night and Deathmist.

The Anointed

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According to the ancient cultures, we live in an eternal oscillating universe that expands outward and contracts back to its beginning in space time.

.“Universe after universe is like an interminable succession of wheels forever coming into view, forever rolling onwards, disappearing and reappearing; forever passing from being to non-being, and again from non-being to being. In short, the constant revolving of the wheel of life in one eternal cycle, according to fixed and immutable laws, is perhaps after all, the sum and substance of the philosophy of Buddhism. And this eternal wheel has so to speak, six spokes representing six forms of existence.” ---- Mon. Williams, Buddhism, pp. 229, 122.

The days and nights of Brahma are called Manvantara, or the cycle of manifestation, ‘The Great Day,’ which is a period of universal activity, that is preceded, and also followed by ‘Pralaya,’ a dark period, which to our finite minds would seem as an eternity, or but a moment in time.

‘Manvantara,’ is a creative day as seen in the six days of creation in Genesis, ‘Pralaya,’ is the evening that proceeds the next creative day. The six periods of Creation and the seventh day of rest in which we now exist are referred to in the book of Genesis as the “GENERATIONS OF THE UNIVERSE.”

The English word “Generation,” is translated from the Hebrew “toledoth” which is used in the Old Testament in every instance as ‘births,’ or ‘descendants,’ such as “These are the generations of Adam,” or “these are the generations of Abraham, and Genesis 2: 4; These are the generations of the Universe or the heavens and earth, etc. And the ‘Great Day’ in which the seven generations of the universe are eternally repeated, is the eternal cosmic period, or the eighth eternal day in which those who attain to perfection are allowed to enter, where they shall be surrounded by great light and they shall experience eternal peace, while those who do not attain to perfection are cast back into the refining fires of the seven physical cycles of endless rebirths that perpetually revolve within the eighth eternal cosmic cycle.

Enoch the righteous, wrote that God created an eighth day also, so that it should be the first after his works, and it is a day eternal with neither hours, days, weeks, months or years, for all time is stuck together in one eon, etc, etc, and all who enter into the generation of the Light beings, are able to visit all those worlds that still exist in Space-Time, but not in our time.

A series of worlds following one upon the other-- each world rising a step higher than the previous world, so that every later world brings to ripeness the seeds that were imbedded in the former, and itself then prepares the seed for the universe that will follow it. This is the true resurrection in which all from the previous cycle of universal activity, who still have the judgmental war raging within them, are born again into the endless cycles of physical manifestation, or rebirths.

Zeus is called the father of gods and men: The most high and powerful among the immortals, who all others obey, and Hesiod calls Zeus the son of Cronos=TIME and Rhea=SPACE and the brother of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon, his five universal brothers and sisters, whose universal bodies were swallowed by Cronos=Time, while the developing godheads to those bodies were in the early stages of their development.

After Zeus was Born, His mother Rhea=SPACE, hid him in a tunnel (Worm hole) and gave to Cronos=TIME a stone wrapped up in cloth which Cronos swallowed.

“The stone swallowed by Cronos is none other than the ‘Philosopher’s Stone,’ the ‘Concealed Stone of many colours, (Golden Theatise) ‘the mystic seed’ of transcendental life which should invade, tinge, and wholly transmute the imperfect self into spiritual gold.”-----E.Underhill. Mysticism, P. 170.

Isis and Osiris were not indigenous deities to Egypt but were introduced from the north. The cult of Isis has gone through many changes since the days of Abraham. Herodotus rightfully equates her with Demeter the sister wife of Zeus and mother of Dionysus whose body was torn to pieces by the Titans, then boiled in water, (The Flood) before being roasted in fire; (The end of this age, when heavenly fire incinerates all physical life-forms on this planet.)

Zeus was the sixth child, “The Son of Man,” and Spiritual Godhead born from the body of the most high that had developed in the sixth universal body, who was born to Time (Cronos) and Space (Rhea) and of the six universal children born to time and space, Zeus was the only child that wasn’t swallowed by Time shortly after the birth of their universal bodies.

By a cunning device of Ge or Metis, Zeus made Cronos bring up the five previous universal children he had swallowed before those bodies were able to develop within them a Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Isis was the Queen goddess who sat in the matrilineal throne of earth and she was the sister wife of Osiris, the God at the top of the stair case; the most-high of the underworld with who she united after his death and who was the spiritual father of the God-child Horus who was formed in her womb.

Osiris the brother of the goddess Isis and the firstborn of five gods, which are the five universal bodies that Time was forced to bring up by Zeus, or the five new made days= periods of universal activity.

Osiris like Adam was the first man to be mummified and Osiris is the god of the first of the five new made days. Budge—Book of the Dead, p. 627, “O Osiris, son of Nut (Primeval matter), I have given unto thee the Sovereignty of thy father Seb (Time), and the goddess Mut (Space), thy mother, (Lord of Space and Time) who gave birth to the gods, brought you forth as the first born of five gods, and created thy beauties and fashioned thy members.”

Like Zeus, Osiris was born of the union of Space (Mut=Rhea) and Time (Seb=Cronos) and created from Nut (The primordial elements in space or in Mut) by Amen (the soul; the activating and creative force of the universe, or the Logos).

Isis was the most popular goddess from the time of Psamtik 1 (663-610 B.C) till the coming of Christianity, her cult appealed to the Greeks and Romans alike and when Egypt came under Roman rule, her cult spread through much of Europe. By the time of Jesus, the chief centre of her worship was in Rome. Isis is commonly depicted with Horus the child (Harpocrates) on her lap, and today, it is impossible to distinguish between the late pagan and early Christian figures of the mother and child, it’s almost as though the old Pagan Queen was stripped of her old garments and clothed with the new covering of Christianity.

In the ancient religious stories, there are many Brother and Sister relationships, which resulted in the birth of a god-king, do you suppose that the indwelling ancestral spirit within the body of mankind, is trying to reveal something to us?

According to the Japanese creation myth the first man Izanagi, and his sister Izanami circled a gigantic phallic image before copulating and founding the family line that led to the present god-king Emperor of Japan.

Zeus united with his sister Demeter who bore the godchild Dionysus, Osirus and his sister Isis who bore the godchild Horus.

Joseph the son of Heli and his half-sister Mary the daughter Heli, who bore the godchild Jesus, etc.

Isaac is a prototype of Jesus and like Jesus, Isaac, the biological son of Abraham, was born of God’s promise according to the workings of the Holy Spirit. Both Isaac and Jesus were the sons of parents who were both sired by the one Father. ‘Terah,’ is the father to both Abraham and Sarah, but from different mothers, while ‘Heli,’ (Alexandra Helios) is the father of both Joseph the son of Heli, and Mary his half sister, and again, by different mothers.