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The Axiomatic Self


Revelation all the time
An axiom is something that seems to be self-evidently true. It cannot be questioned or argued against. The simplest example of this is the logical law of identity, that A is A. This also implies that Non-A is Non-A, and A is not Non-A.

It's interesting how you went from "logical law of identity" to "this also implies." I don't see how Non-A is Non-A is axiomatic. It can be questioned and argued against.

It is further interesting to mix the law of logic and this axiomatic self. With the Self comes the Non-Self, as required by the law of identity. In fact, this may be the solution to solipsism itself, because for the Self to exist, the Non-Self has to exist as well, meaning there is more that exists than simply your own mind, as posited by solipsism. This, of course, doesn’t address BiaV. There are also other matters to discuss, such as whether there is just the Self and Non-Self, or if both arise from something else, though this is beyond arguing the self as an axiom.

TLDR – “I exist” is axiomatic.

Agree that "I exist" is axiomatic.

Disagree the Non-Self has to exist as well, and for sure contest the notion that there is more than exists than simply own mind.


Yes, it makes sense and all these are valid questions. There is no 'other self' in non-duality (Advaita). If my hand is amputed, is it my hand? It is what it was before amputation - the sole substrate of the universe and nothing else - Hindus term it as Brahman.
Awesome that you dig it.. what's your position regarding the fact that a lot of people think that this "other self" is actually "something" and not "nothing"?
inb4 they are wrong


Be your own guru
Awesome that you dig it .. what's your position regarding the fact that a lot of people think that this "other self" is actually "something" and not "nothing"? (Are) they are wrong?
I do not know any 'other self'. In 'advaita' Hinduism, there is no 'other self', it is all 'self'. 'Ayamatma Brahman' (This self is Brahman - i.e., this self is the self of all things). ;)

There are a thousand things which I deny. God, soul, birth, death, heaven, hell, reincarnation, etc. There are more but I leave it at that.