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Templars and magic


The Last Prussian
Premium Member
Templar use of magic was something brought up by the French monarchy to justify stealing their lands & wealth. It's purely a fabrication, we've got no evidence it was based in anything but slander.


Well-Known Member
Just like many had done with Jews in those times. It's surprising people still believe the charges despite the case being pure rubbish.


Get me off of this planet
Templar as in the Knights?

That whole legend is gruesome. The Church sought to annihilate the order after they were done with it. Many of the Templar were executed and from what I know the church branded them abominations. But I could have gotten some poor information regarding the truth about the Order.

I don't know per se if Templar used witch craft to bless weapons and themselves and such. Some of them may have also been Christened, or blessed in other means. But I do not think they were trained to use any magic, while some first generation mercenary Templar may have practised it. It became an order later, where children were indoctrinated and raised into it.

Some of the Templar were raised by the church from infancy, I believe. It was covered up, I suppose, they do not speak highly about the Templar to my knowledge.