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Tempering my hate With Discipline

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Link, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. Link

    Link Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    I hate hating those who idolize men
    To the extent they disobey you to obey them.
    I wished it was true
    That they were pure and as great as we made them to be
    But I'm no fool
    All thanks to you
    So who will rule?

    To you belongs the authority of the heavens and the earth
    The one to be obeyed is appointed by you
    If humans will claim with no proof to rule your earth
    And Jinn obey those who claim with no proof in the heavens
    Will you watch?
    Nay, I know you well enough
    And the proofs are all there in the earth
    Found in destroyed people of the past
    You will destroy them
    Those who are trying to take over the world
    Who believed they are fit to rule us
    You will destroy them
    They who deceive us
    They who act like they're our leaders
    They who hide the truth foretold
    By the true leaders and kings of old
    Like the Pharaoh destroyed
    Like the Ancient Ad destroyed
    And Thamood didn't remain
    I am with you
    Till the end
    As the darkness makes it way
    And the sorcery rules
    And the teachings hidden
    And the proofs forgotten
    I am with you
    If it be
    That I be the one person
    like the believer in Suratal Yaseen
    Then yes
    I will abandon the whole world
    Before I abandon your Guiding King
    Your light and word you hold all things through
    A guidance from you whence the true Quran can be known

    Oh God
    I beg
    To temper
    My Hate
    With discipline
    For lonely is my path
    And frustration kicks in
    Forgive me my sins
    And prevent me from evils
    And I don't think you will prevent me from the one thing I have sought from you my whole life
    So make me look towards you through your word of light and great name
    That you brought to life
    And illuminated all things in truth through
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