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Tell me all your about thoughts about divination!

Sgt. Pepper

All you need is love.
Has it ever worked for you?


I had a tarot reading a few months ago by someone on this forum, and it was spot on. I've had two more since then, and both were spot on.

Have you ever considered that perhaps it was the person who read the cards who was mistaken, rather than the cards themselves? Maybe the person was inexperienced with them. It can happen. I've met people who dabble in divination for fun, but they don't fully understand it and are inexperienced.


Not As Much Fun As I Look
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Divination is good but you're limited by the actual tools. There are only so many things tarot can say and Ouija requires multiple people which can sway the communication. It's better to learn medium ship and be able to see deities and spirits, or go to the crossroads with offerings (And protection) to speak to spirits face to face.
With 78 cards, and reversals and combinations, there is a lot that can be said.