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Tarot Reading on Isis and Jesus

Discussion in 'Syncretic Religions DIR' started by Manoah, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. Manoah

    Manoah Member

    Oct 25, 2018
    Perennialistic Christian Mystic
    I have documented recently on YouTube how I felt a divine frown from Isis and received explanation through the sign of a piece of pine straw. This kind of divine rebuke and reconciliation is familiar to me from fellowship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the all-father YWWH. I had a similar divine frown yesterday when ignoring a prompting to cut an activity short. I am sorrowful about not following wisdom and did better receiving the message today. For anyone interested or for my later review, the message came as an inner knowing but was accompanied by the sign of a falling razor. I responded well today and hope all is reconciled with deity. Perhaps my wild experiences today indicate that all is well.

    I came here to post today, though, in order to document a communication that I felt I received from Isis a few days ago. The message startled me, and I felt very uncomfortable as in my recent spiritual expansion, I sometimes find myself recoiling from, not just organized religion, but even from any mainstream traditions. The unlikely message from Isis was "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." Why would Isis make such a brazen statement, pursued to a fault, it seems, by organized religion?

    I drew a rune stone and three RWS cards.

    Sowilo = Sun

    The rune reminds me of shining glory as well as of the association of Isis with the Sun. It is said Isis captured the powers of the Sun by learning Ra's true name, and she is sometimes pictured wearing a solar crown--very fiery! We see the glorious showing forth of a deity, the spreading of a mythology or folklore, or the sharing of faith. It is probably natural to want to share one's culture or beliefs, maybe as much as it is a desire to tell others about a lover when we are in love.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot

    The 3 of Wands may signify the investment of the gods in this world. Odin hangs on the World Tree, Kuan Yin brings healing, Isis gives gifts to humanity; however, the glory of deity must most often be shared person to person. Direct dreams, visions, and revelations are rare. In a way, perhaps the gods wait on us to bear fruit, a fruit that may grow from their words, their anointing, and their presence in our lives. The following coin cards may clarify the nature of the fruit, the manifestation or return on the investment pictured in the 3 of Wands.

    The two Coins cards coming after the fire of the 3 may further confirm that the gods use humans to manifest themselves or bear fruit in the physical world, part of which is glory in worship, praise, and offerings, part of which may be sharing of their stories, wisdom, and teachings.

    The 8 of Coins might also be a picture of discipleship, as the apprentice practices his craft. Many YouTube videos these days show witches teaching their craft, telling how to connect with deity, helping others to hone their practices. Being a fisher of people may be less a matter of handing out pamphlets or sharing a testimony and more a matter of helping others practice their faith. Expanding, learning, and growing can be exciting for anyone. Of course, the dark side is demanding that others follow our path.

    The King of Coins may show an even fuller fruition, a mastery of practice that accesses spirituality in the earthly realms. He is covered with grape vines and fruit that remains. Although relating the evangelistic Bible verse to Isis and Odin make me uncomfortable (a little painful, in fact), the personification in the apprenticeship of the 8 and the mastery of the King help me see a possibly brighter picture.