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Taking a break from spirituality: dangerous?

Mark Charles Compton

Pineal Peruser
Probably because it's work. It's much easier to just roll over and give up. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, right? But that's not a good reason.
To be honest, my mild depression doesn't help, but my medicine feels like it's finally working at fuller capacity as they increase my dosage. So I'm finding it easier to read more. Though I haven't done anything more than that. The way to snap out of it though is spiritual practice, this I know. At least for me.
Perhaps I was curious if anyone, like formerly spiritual people, have found that detaching from practice did them good. I'm open minded to everyone's thoughts.
I tend to follow my intuitions. Everything in moderation. Even God took a day for rest.

Ella S.

Dispassionate Goth
For the past few weeks, I've stopped meditating and I've stopped caring about religion, philosophy, and ethics entirely. I've just focused on living my life and being kind to the people around me.

They have been some of the best weeks of my life. I think this whole obsession with religion has been completely and utterly unhealthy for me. I don't need spirituality and I don't need religion.

You might find yourself similarly feeling free.


Grand Hat
Staff member
Premium Member
I always kinda liked this...

This is where we’ve filled ourselves up with so many questions that they’re starting to overflow and become answers.

T Pratchett, Feet of Clay

Ben Dhyan

Veteran Member
A thousand stimulus make a percept, a thousand percepts make a concept, a thousand concepts make an idea, etc.

Learning is not a perfectly linear process, only after we have gathered the prerequisite understanding of a certain subject can the synthesis take place in our mind that takes us to a new deeper level. So we do need a break from time to time to allow this synthesizing process to do its thing and allow us to move forward to an ever deeper level of understanding.