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Featured Syncretism.....Can Mixing Religious Ideas Lead to the Truth?

Discussion in 'General Religious Debates' started by Deeje, Jul 28, 2021.

  1. Deeje

    Deeje Avid Bible Student
    Premium Member

    Jun 20, 2009
    Christian JW
    Good manners? o_O I think Australia lost good manners a long time ago. We are a pretty secular country, not Christian “pretenders” like many Americans. (By that I mean those who make a pretence of being Christian, but whose lifestyle and choices prove otherwise) When Americans say “I’ll pray for you” (like it’s some kind of magic solution to everything)...Aussies will just tell you “she’ll be right mate”. :rolleyes: (It’ll work itself out)

    Aussie’s are unashamedly hedonistic and quick to tell you that religion is not for them. “Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” but I guess that is sometimes a blessing in disguise. It allows us to shake the dust off and move on. I honestly can’t see us getting beyond C19 (as in getting out in our in the public preaching again....who knows?) but as you say, we have other ways to get the word out. “The scene of the world is changing”....we adapt....but the time has to come when all the sheep are gathered.

    For us the “bite” might be from the householder.....because by law, access to their front door is mandated (unassailed) but when asked to leave, we must. This protects delivery drivers etc.

    Thanks to the scammers, and persistent call centres, telephone witnessing here is getting to be difficult as people are getting rid of their landlines and just maintaining their cell phones. These numbers are not listed. So as avenues dry up, we have to be a bit more creative....satan might be closing doors but Jehovah opens windows. Not a single sheep will be missing at the end of the day.

    Any religion that says it’s OK to take human life for purely political, religious, or racial reasons is the wrong religion. God does not sanction bloodshed for Christians....it is one of the things that separates them from the world under satan’s Control (1 John 5:19).....that and their strict stand on the Bible’s morality.

    I had a Baptist minister call at my door years ago now, but when I told him I was a JW, he softened and said how much he appreciated our zeal for the preaching work and he then asked me how JW’s got their people out to preach....did we get paid? I laughed and told him that every one of Jehovah’s Witnesses are preachers....not because we are paid or forced to...but because we want to take some good news to people who need to hear it. He left feeling rather defeated because he wasn’t able to motivate his congregation to get out preaching to their neighbors, when he knew that it was a command from Jesus to do it.....not grudgingly but willingly out of love for them.

    We have to be prepared for anything as these last days grind the world to a halt. World powers are getting their citizens ready to accept their global solution....their ‘one world government’ as a hope for “peace and security”.....the battered human race will be ready for such a change....but it will be a hollow promise as the Bible tells us....the greatest tribulation in the history of the world will force them to see that man has no solutions without taking away their hard won freedoms.

    Freedom of speech is fast disappearing, as we can see even here at RF.
    Disneyland is for those who believe in magic.....it’s a sad illusion.
    Our freedom is under threat as never before. Satan knows his time is short......take care.....not long to go now I hope.

    URAVIP2ME Veteran Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    I like how you mentioned ^ above ^ that Jesus was speaking to those wicked Pharisees at Luke 17:20-21.
    I find most people think Jesus is talking to his disciples in verses 20-21.
    False clergy keep people in the dark about that so that even non-Christians like Deepak Chopra are mislead.
    Rather, it is Not until Luke 17:22 (after Jesus is done speaking to the wicked Pharisees) then in verse 22 is when Jesus addresses his disciples, and I like what Jesus taught his disciples as found at Luke 19:11-15.
    The kingdom would Not immediately or instantly appear as Jesus taught in chapter 19 of Luke.
    So, there could be No way God's kingdom was inside of those hate-filled Pharisees of Luke 17:20-21.
    So, how true as you post that Satan's favorite tactic is confusing deception.
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    URAVIP2ME Veteran Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    I have a number of lovely gifts brought back from the convention in Australia a few years back.
    If you were there, I wonder if you met anyone from The States or which states.
    Already in England (back in '72) I found, because of so much religious corruption, people were turned off.
    Still, here we do have access to cell numbers, but sometimes the cell number has a new owner.
    That new owner could be anywhere in the country, sometimes they are pleasantly surprised to hear from us.
    Calling can be difficult for elderly so it seems best to just introduce them to the person answering and tell them you have an elderly ( or handicapped ) person with you, and if they don't mind could that person read a Bible verse to them.

    When a person says they have their own religion I ask which one?
    If they say Baptist we have family life in common so it is a good opportunity to tell them how much we appreciate how much emphasis they put on family life.

    If a person says they don't believe as we do, I ask if they believe in the Bible and if they say 'yes' then I ask if I could just read them one verse. They seem happy I'm Not going to try to get them into anything more than they want.

    As far as 'paid' (salaried) preachers they can often feel they need to cater to the flock or loose their job.
    Many years ago Marlo Thomas' husband Phil Donohue had a TV talk show and he said he knew of no religion that did Not pass around a collection plate.
    I wrote him (if he got the letter) and informed him that Jehovah's Witnesses do Not pass a collection plate.
    The only time Jesus 'passed the plate', so to speak, was when Jesus fed the crowd passing around fish and bread.

    I like the word ' resolve ', to be resolved in advance, that No matter what happens we can be like Job.(Job 2:4-5)
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