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Super foods?

Discussion in 'Health & Healing' started by Geoff-Allen, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Geoff-Allen

    Geoff-Allen Resident megalomaniac

    Sep 9, 2014
    I was browsing again & found this article -

    Nutritionally speaking, there is no such thing as a superfood.

    The term was coined for marketing purposes to influence food trends and sell products.

    The food industry bestows the superfood label on nutrient-rich foods with a supposed capacity to positively affect health.

    Though many foods could be described as super, it’s important to understand that there is no single food that holds the key to good health or disease prevention.

    But since the term “superfood” doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, it may be worth taking a closer look at some healthy options.

    Here are 16 foods that may be worthy of the esteemed superfood title.

    16 Superfoods That Are Worthy of the Title

    Bon appetit!

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  2. Vinayaka

    Vinayaka devotee
    Premium Member

    Feb 10, 2011
    Saivite Hindu
    Not a berry on the list but ... The Saskatoon Berry | Sunrise Berry Farms

    I throw 20 - 30 of them in the oatmeal every morning. Wild, not those expensive tame ones. This is a Canadian thing, perhaps in the US northwest. Nutrition is changing so fast, in a good way. Except for eggs and salmon the other 14 are regular, almost daily, in this household.