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Sumerian mythology?


Active Member
Do you all think Tiamat will rule again over the cosmos?

I've heard from sources that she's sleeping, but I think in the Enuma Elish this is not mentioned?

This fits well with the Cthulhu myth actually lol :p

I'm not talking literally sleeping, just metaphorically ;), will chaos win over cosmos?


Active Member
Other religions are talking about that we are heading towards perfection actually, but I'm not really sure anymore when I look at the world.

Ps: Maybe this thread really doesn't fit in here, if anyone feels this Needs to be moved, feel free to do so.


Here until I storm off again
Premium Member
The Draco constellation will again be the center of the northern skies, yes. If you want to get technical, it's always the dead center of the north sky, the earth simply wobbles.