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Suggestions - 'Starter Pack'


Active Member
I would like to know from the majority of you what should I read or do to get to know
1. what is required of me to become a satanist
2. what rituals are accepted as part of satanism in general
3. Who are the religeous heads
basically a starter pack for people who aren't in a place where they can just ask someone.


New Member
Okay, first of all, I just want to point out that there are several kinds of Satanists and also several satanic Churches and organizations. The most well- known is the CoS (Church of Satan), but you also have for instance the FCoS (First Church of Satan) (of which I am a member) and the ToS (Temple of Set). To inform yourself about the differences of these groups, I recommend a visit to the section about Satanism on about.com, which, by the way, also has an excellent introduction to the belief. Most Satanists have, at some point or another, also read the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, founder of the CoS, and if you choose to do so, it might be an idea to also check up on the philosophies of Nietsche and Ayn Rand, as these influenced modern Satanism quite a lot. Personally, I always recommend the FAQ on fcos.us and satanism101.com to newbies...

I can't tell you whether you're a Satanist. You'll have to find out by yourself. If you agree to the philosophy generally shared by Satanists, you're possibly one. I remember I had an "Eureka!"- experience as I read the Satanic Bible, and thus started seeking out more info on Satanism.

On rituals, you'll find a section of that in the SB. Let me just mention that most Satanists I know don't do any rituals, but of course, there are many who do. It's your own choice, do what works for you.

Your last question here really depends on whom you're asking... I don't accept any religious leaders myself, although I genuinely do appreciate that John Allee, the founder of my group, chooses to share his experiences and beliefs with those who're interested. I'd say Satanists in general think for themselves and don't really need any "religious heads".