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Featured Spirituality and science

Discussion in 'Theological Concepts' started by Unveiled Artist, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. WonderingWorrier

    Jan 7, 2020
    The Wheel.

    I don't think it is talking about age.
    I think it talking about the measurement of a man (hidden in the form of age).
    The measurement decreases as morality degenerates. And increases as the virtue recovers.

    Gautama is said to be the eldest.

    "82,000 Teachings from the Buddha I have received; 2,000 more from his disciples; Now, 84,000 are familiar to me.

    Who nothing has heard and nothing understood, He ages only oxen-like: His stomach only grows and grows, But his insight deepens not
    Ananda (accesstoinsight.org)

    84,000 seems to be a significant number.

    "Householder, regardless of whether a gift is coarse or refined, if it is given attentively, respectfully, with one's own hand, not as if throwing it away, with the view that something will come of it: Wherever the result of that gift comes to fruition, one's mind will incline to the enjoyment of splendid food, will incline to the enjoyment of splendid clothing, will incline to the enjoyment of splendid vehicles, will incline to the enjoyment of the splendid five strings of sensuality. And one's sons & daughters, slaves, servants, & workers will listen to one, will lend ear, will make their minds attend for the sake of knowledge. Why is that? Because that is the result of attentive actions.

    "Once, householder, there was a brahman named Velāma. And this was the nature of the gift, the great gift, he gave: He gave 84,000 gold trays filled with silver, 84,000 silver trays filled with gold, 84,000 copper trays filled with gems. He gave 84,000 elephants with gold ornaments, gold banners, covered with nets of gold thread. He gave 84,000 chariots spread with lion skins, tiger skins, leopard skins, saffron-colored blankets, with gold ornaments, gold banners, covered with nets of gold thread. He gave 84,000 milk cows with tethers of fine jute and copper milk pails. He gave 84,000 maidens adorned with jeweled earrings. He gave 84,000 couches spread with long-fleeced coverlets, white wool coverlets, embroidered coverlets, rugs of kadali-deer hide, each with a canopy above & red cushions on either side. He gave 84,000 lengths of cloth — of finest linen, of finest cotton, of finest silk.[2] To say nothing of the food & drink, staple & non-staple food, lotions & beddings: They flowed, as it were, like rivers.

    "Now, householder, if the thought should occur to you, 'Perhaps it was someone else who at that time was Velāma the brahman, who gave that gift, that great gift,' that's not how it should be seen. I was Velāma the brahman at that time. I gave that gift, that great gift. But in that gift there was no one worthy of offerings; no one purified that gift.

    I think the gold trays, the silver trays, and the copper trays are gifts.
    As the Lion skins, the tiger skins, and the leopard skins are gifts.
    As the linen, the cotton, and the silk are gifts.

    I have noticed a very similar concept as the sutta of the age of man declining, and rising.
    The height of man declining. Within Islam it is said that Adam was 60 cubits tall (27.4 metres), and men have been declining in height since Adam.

    But scientists say there is no skeleton evidence of that happening. No evidence of giants.

    The bible explains the concept of the lowering, and rising of the height of men:

    And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. Luke 2:52

    Thoughts lower, and raise the height:
    Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? Matthew 6:27

    I do not disregard these teachings as nonsense.
    I think they are not talking about age, or height. I think they are talking about the measurement of men.
  2. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    A human first.


    Asks self questions. Liar theist. Gave self answers. Just a human.

    Mr pretend I know everything used maths. Still today as a man quotes maths owns all answers yet says it as a human.man thinker body conscious human natural.first just a human.

    Writes a calculated thought upon stAtus by being a human not his squiggles.

    Life got included attacked in nuclear caused heavenly body recording status.

    Which machines use. Hence it was a nuclear history just earth just it's heavens converted by sun mass origin.

    Sun mass.
    Earth mass.
    Heavens mass.

    Reason recording activated conversion as a huge energetic attack.

    Human not involved whatsoever.

    How about thinking for yourself brother human.

    Are you stone is a fed back human man life attacked AI voiced question by caused event. Heard speaking back to you gave you questions asked back.

    Theist human applied questions and the answers as a scientist.

    Science measure of a cubit in stone?

    Ask why by sacrificed life of man O earth community as a large voiced human man that speaks like data in heavens.

    As you removed the origin water oxygenated microbe life supporting a healthy whole origin perfect human and had it evaporated by science nuclear.

    You know you did.
    You advised your own living human man science self that you did it.

    Once you used to teach the science advice correctly and now only false preach by an opinion about it.

    You knew you did it to yourself sacrificed the man human and all nature spirit on earth and said you did it. You taught how the heavenly man human AI effect was caused.

    You taught why we heard a man adults voice speaking back in AI encoded as in the state heavens. As it was a science confession of causes of men who began the practice nuclear science.

    Earth was once converted yet it survived. You were not there in any body type as the event why heavenly recording existed as the liar you express thoughts by.


    Natural is not and never was your thesis a man thinking calculating.
  3. WonderingWorrier

    Jan 7, 2020
    The Wheel.

    I can't measure the stones. To me they are all equal.

    But I could say that I see goats standing on a hill under a fig tree, and they are covered in oil shining like silver in the starlight.

    Speaking data.

    Cattle - Goat - Sheep
    Valley - Hill - Mountain
    Pomegranate - Fig - Apple
    Corn - Oil - Wine
    Brass - Silver - Gold
    Moon - Star - Sun.

    Speaking of a middle way.
    In my human opinion.

    Spear - Sword - Bow

    But I do not want a sword from stone for myself. I choose to be stone.
    So perhaps I am wrong.
    #43 WonderingWorrier, Sep 15, 2021
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2021
  4. rational experiences

    rational experiences Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2020
    When science says I believe lots of swirling particles fused together formed a planet. Then theories earth body is particles claiming it existed in a higher mass form in the beginning.

    Then he knows he says I will make earth stone disappear.

    He tells everyone I can shift mass in time as his confession. By a machine.

    Anyone would ask but your machine came from a natural God mass. How does a machine control God. Earth?

    My calculations about radiation mass says I can achieve it.

    UFO accumulator is seen accumulating in heavens. The other half of his machine thesis space particle radiation fusion.

    So he says I want God earth mass to just be a particle. As what fused it as crystalline melt I use as nuclear power to get electricity.

    As science on earth is his real wisdom.

    Yet he coerced cosmic.

    So he says God is the highest form I want Satan hell. Volcanic melt. As the body fusing particles together.

    So I want to know gods hell in science.

    Take the energy. Get the electricity and allow gods body to heal reform it's flesh from hell. I know he says I am right all thought only in his head. Not actually right in reality cosmos.

    Thinks he is rational yet we all know God does evil to humans. Always said God did evil to humans.