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Spiritual Evidence and Proofs of God’s Existence


Veteran Member
I believe that is because science is out of its element and tends to go bonkers with concepts it is not equipped to deal with.
The rejection of scientific evidence in an attempt to defend superstitious beliefs, has nothing to do with "science being out of its element" and everything with psychological defense mechanisms in people who are emotionally attached to their a priori beliefs.

Having said that, yes, science isn't equipped to deal with undetectable phenomenon.
The reason for that is the "undetectable" part.

NOTHING is equipped to deal with "undetectable" stuff.

Undetectable stuff is indistinguishable from imagination, fantasy and non-existent things.
They are to be rejected out of hand.

Claims of undetectable / unfalsifiable things, are infinite in number.
They don't matter to anything since there is no manifestation. They share all the same properties as non-existent things, which is to say: it has NO properties.

There is nothing there to "deal with".


Veteran Member
In other words, subjective things that are indistinguishable from imagination.
To call that "proof" (of any kind) is a serious rape of that word.
Yes, they are subjective.
They are proof to the person has the spiritual experience since they prove it to that person.
They don't qualify as proof to anyone else.