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Spider and Scorpion venom treats erectile dysfunction and other afflictions!

Discussion in 'The Animal World' started by Spiderman, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    American State-Shinto and Roman Catholicism Alliance (Axis)
    If you are scared of arachnids please don't continue reading...

    Female Scorpios in the zodiac have the greatest reputation for strength to the point they are sort of wear the pants in relationships and become disproportionately more powerful leaders than women of other zodiacs.

    Whether this is true, I don't know, but that is what the word is.

    I don't think I could deal with that (as an Aries) if it's true.

    The worst bite I ever had was from a Scorpion. I've had spider bites that make me swell in the area and my skin peel and become mildly necrotic from a hobo spider infestation in Montana. I picked up a spider in New York who made my knuckles swell up like marbles and hand swell up almost like a softball.

    Usually Spiders are nicer than dogs, but for me I pray that the venom would be blessed by Kami to give me supernatural Spiderman abilities and am asking for it, but that's a thing of the past.

    I know. Doesn't sound intelligent or rational but they were my greatest fear and when I held them and had them bite it was euphoric.

    When the Scorpion stung me on my forearm, I let her leave her stinger in for a while. I didn't swell at the location of the sting. Actually, I swelled up pretty much everywhere and broke out in white hives and tingling and skin turned a sort of purple grayish color.

    My vision also became strange.

    But anyway, Scorpions and Spider venom can cause you to have an erection that lasts hours. If you google "Spider and Scorpion venom and Priapism" , you will get results.

    "the venom of some spiders, mainly Phoneutria nigriventer, and scorpions, such as the yellow South American scorpion Tityus serrulatus, among others, have been known to cause priapism. Since erectile dysfunction (ED) is a growing health problem in the world, more common in patients with vascular diseases as diabetes and hypertension, the use of animal venoms and toxins as pharmacological tools could not only shed light to the mechanisms involved in erectile function, but also represent a possible model for new drugs to treat ED
    New insights on arthropod toxins that potentiate erectile function | Request PDF

    The problem is , nobody really wants to be the guinea pig for the tests and there are so many side effects, how do people go about getting the priapism side effects without dying or getting sick from the other side effects. I don't know, but there haven't been many tests or research into the venom.

    My Trinidad Spider has been known to decrease the risk of stroke in mice. Spiders can also be local anesthetics because they can sometimes numb and paralyze their pray before eating it. I read that it's very effective pain relief sometimes and experienced it to a certain extent.

    Some people have woken up and a spider was able to eat a small chunk of their face while they slept due to the anesthesia in their venom. People who can benefit from local anesthesia should seriously consider it.

    Some spider venom has also worked like chemotherapy in lab rats killing cancer cells and what not.

    Let me know what your thoughts are. I don't mean to freak people out but venom fascinates me. Drop for drop, a black widow's venom is said to be 15 times more deadly than rattlesnake venom.

    I kind of like the creepiest of all critters that symbolize death, because by facing my fear, I realized I loved my fear, and spiders had to be one of the animal totems.

    No, I have never used their venom to treat erectile dysfunction, I'm just saying it's a possibility that it could be used for that.

    First Spider I ever had that was big, Mexican red knee. It was a love affair. I found out this "spider under a rock" thing was true. Like Jesus and my hotrod....Jesus was an architect prior to his career as a prophet. I suddently found myself in love with the world....Jesus built my Spider :)


    I get ticked at God, but when I see big spooky spiders I'm like "Good job God". More than two eyes, eight legs, silk from their behind, carry their house in their abdomen, greatest phobia of all animals on earth, most female dominant creature that eats her husband when they make love, and actually symbolic of the female gender and Divine femininity.

    I had a spider that actually would hiss at me and a female Goliath bird eater (that sold for 200 dollars) who would rub her legs together to sound like a rattle snake to scare people away. Female Goliath bird eaters are largest spider in the world.

    God was obviously having fun when he made them. Whenever I try to think I could do things better than God, I recall, "Can Spiderman make something as spooky and creepy as a spider"?

    And it's the way they stare at me. That look in their eyes. I had my P Murinus, also called an OBT come out of his funnel where he was hidden, and attack me. I've also had that species stand on their hind legs and lunge, hitting a nerve ending and sending painful electricity sensations from my finger to my shoulder.
    white spider 1.png 2a353b920dc3e8be4ebe800883dbdf7fc2bbc921.jpg
    Jesus built my Spiders. It's a love a fair! No lust have I for a hotrod, the fine linens of Christ, or his Hebrew Veeno. No desire have I for his streets paved with gold or mansions in Heaven.

    He blessed us with spiders. He will have some in Heaven for me if I'm good. Otherwise, I don't care to be there.

    Today is kind of like the feast day of one of my pets so I woke up at 5:00 Am in the morning to praise Jesus and celebrate his marvelous 8 legged, venemous, ingenius creations!


    And my power turned on :)

    Spiders also never stink up the aquarium and only have to eat a cricket or cockroach a month. Find a better animal than that!
    #1 Spiderman, Apr 21, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2021
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  2. Spiderman

    Spiderman Veteran Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    American State-Shinto and Roman Catholicism Alliance (Axis)
    In Pakistan, India and Southeast Asia Scorpion venom is actually used to relieve pain and effect mood and behavior.