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Spells/incantations and feeling overwhelmed?


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A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a Wicca site, and upon reading through some of it, and feeling stressed about a work situation that never seems to change (a bully boss situation) - I used a spell, for the first time ever. It was very basic, simple...but powerful. I felt different, the next day. I invoked God in the spell, and in some ways, it felt like a very powerful prayer. Well, this spell ''worked.'' I can hardly believe it, but I put forth my negative energy from the situation, and the spell I chose was a banishing spell. (I used a piece of paper, wrote his name on it, burned the paper, and carried the ashes out to the trash that fell on a fire proof plate. During the burning of the paper, I offered up my intentions, to God.) I wouldn't ever want to harm anyone, it was to simply ''banish'' my boss' negative bs and energy away from me, and my coworkers.

Okay, fast forward to last week after I did the spell, my company's HR manager started talking with him, as one by one...people started complaining about him. I had never really said much about him, as I'm not a confrontational type, so...fast forward even more to this week, and it's like my work place is totally different. He was called out by HR yesterday ...in a harsh way. Basically, I heard today that if he doesn't shape up, he will have to leave. I honestly can't believe it. I'm leaving out a lot of details, but basically, he is coming unhinged where it's becoming very apparent. It's not only something I'm suffering in silence with.

Of course, this has been a long time coming. I've worked here for a few years, and he's been a jerk for most of that time. But, in a matter of two weeks, ironically right after I used that spell...the energy in my work area began to change. Like I could feel it. I feel different. If I'm honest, I feel a little overwhelmed, because since that spell, I had also used incantations to give the spell a ...nudge. lol I don't know if I've ever felt so tuned into my inner voice, desires and intentions as I did when I used that spell a few weeks ago.

So, my question for you all is when you've done spells or incantations...have you felt a sense of calm, but also a feeling of being overwhelmed? Or, like you felt an energy shift happening to you? I feel overwhelmed in that I can't believe that I'm witnessing so much change in such a short amount of time, and all the while I thought this situation was hopeless. (But, I'm super happy and grateful for the change) I don't know if it's crazy to think like this lol It honestly feels like everything changed since I used that spell.

Since all of this happening, I've felt very intrigued about Wicca, and see the benefits of it. I want to learn more, but I don't feel drawn to following it, or joining a Coven, for example. I still believe in God, but have read that it's perfectly acceptable to believe in God (or be a polytheist) and follow certain aspects of Wicca.
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I wanted to add further, that what I've learned about the experience, is that spells are designed to help the caster of the spell, to get in touch with their subconscious desires, their intents, their goals, objectives, etc. Perhaps that is why I'm feeling overwhelmed, because I was truly single minded when I did the spell, channeling all of my intent into it. It felt prayerful, because I do believe in God, but nonetheless, it was powerful. Maybe because it taps into ourselves, and channeling positive thoughts, that we end up feeling a little drained or overwhelmed?


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This question was posted to me in another thread, and I didn't want to derail that thread so posted it here.

I was intrigued when I read your post as to how you see the difference between prayer and casting a spell. Hope you’re ok with the question.

lol It's okay. I don't want to derail the thread topic, but I'd say that it's similar in that I'm invoking God, but the ''casting of a spell"" has more to do with channeling your intentions and energy, being really focused on what you wish an outcome to be. Some could call it the power of positive thinking, which in some ways, mirrors prayer, in that when a person prays to a deity, or deities, they are hopeful of a certain outcome. The outcome is usually that you end up changed, for the better, because you have to look inside of yourself in order to make your life better. In Wicca, there is a belief that mystical powers can be at play, and I'm not sure how I feel about that right now, but I believe in God, so I stick with what I'm comfortable with.