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some morals that we actually need "Forbearance"

Discussion in 'Islam DIR' started by dynavert2012, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. dynavert2012

    dynavert2012 Active Member

    Oct 2, 2012
    i want just to mention this hadith of prophet Mohamed peace to be upon him as i see most of us need it and need to react with the people in the same manner specially in that time, as the way we treating others by could lead them to accept Islam as in that hadith or to have a bad idea about Islam and Muslims and then you would be the reason for that misguiding..

    it's the story of the reversion of the Jewish Zaid bin Sa'ana, Abdullah ibn Salaam reported, "Zayd ibn Sa'nah said, 'I came close to him and said, 'O Muhammad! Will you sell me a specific amount of dates from the orchard of so-and-so to be delivered at a fixed date at such-and-such a time?' He said, ' I can do so but do not mention the name the orchard of so-and-so.' I said, 'Yes.‟ The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) accepted the bargain and I opened my purse and gave him eighty mithqaals (about 360 grams) of gold in exchangefor a specific amount of dates to be delivered at a certain date... Two or three days before the debt was due, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) came out to offer the funeral prayer over a man from the Ansaar... I tooh hold of his shirt and upper garment looked at him sternly, saying, 'O Muhammad! Will you not pay me my due? I have not known you, children of Abdul Muttalib, to delay payment of people‟s dues. I have known you for a long time now.' He said, 'I looked at Umar ibn Al-Khattaab to see his eyes revolving in his face like a round orbit [in anger]. He gazed at me and said, 'You enemy of Allah! How dare you say to the Messenger of Allah what I heard and treat with the way I saw? By the One who has sent him with the truth, Had I not feared I would lose my previous good deeds, I would have struck your head off with this my sword.' The Prophet was looking at Umar calmly and then said to him, "He and I needed something else from you, Umar. You should have asked me to pay him benevolently and asked him to claim his debt kindly. Go with him and give him his due in addition to twenty saa "one saa equals about 3 KG" of dates for having scared him.'

    Hope all of us try to apply this forbearance with others