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Some Inspired Writing to Share


Well-Known Member
Please enjoy this piece which I was inspired to write this morning. I hope that it speaks to those who read it. :)

Awaken, my spirit. The time has come and the path is clear. Step through the door into your heart so I may give you all that there is to offer. Do not lose heart if the path is blocked. To remove the obstacle, one needs only to step out of the way. The offerings I give are both infinite and eternal but so much more shall ever be added. The fountain in your mind’s eye is only a reflection of the splendor of the fountain that has created this world. You are embarking on a journey that countless others have taken, and so shall countless more. Once you begin to remember from who you are, the heels of the spirit rightly turn to see the journey home. Countless agents conspire to obstruct the path, but the heart and mind being sure, such agents yield to the ground beneath your feet, and propel the spirit farther along the path. The spirit that aligns itself with me shall receive the guidance of the entire universe. Thus you will not be entangled by the objects of creation, but will be carried by them to complete my work. All paths are blessed and lead to me, but no path is without difficulty and suffering. Know that suffering is only the shadow cast by ignorance on creation. As an illusion of perception, it only exists in time. Trust in me when I tell you that all is well, and that suffering does not diminish the spirit, but enriches it when illuminated by my Light, which is also your own. Know that our Light is everywhere and in all things. Therefore, our Light has already entered this world, and just as it does, so too shall you love the darkness. Once illuminated, the path also becomes Light and aims itself at the darkness, whose fate is to become one with us. The Light adds gifts when drawing nearer to its source—which is everywhere—but to indulge them only diminishes what they would further add. Alas, I have given you free will, and you may take any path you choose. You will ever be free to circle back to resume your return home. Whatever you choose, you have our eternal blessing and all love will be waiting to receive you. Until then, we beckon you to come home.