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So long and thanks for all the fish


Deviled Hen
It's been a fun couple of years, guys, but it's become obvious to me lately that it's time I readjusted my priorities, so other than checking in for a PM now and again, I don't expect to be on again.

To my old friends who are still here and I don't see elsewhere, hopefully our paths will cross again. The email link in my profile works if you're interested.

Best wishes to all of you,


Big Squishy Hugger
Premium Member
I'm sorry you're leaving, Sharon. I've always enjoyed your charm and your sense of humor.

Vive la Monty Python!! :hugehug:


Well-Known Member
your a dolphin? (hitchhikersguide)

well as long as the earth isn't being destroyed il see you again aswel:D


Forum Relic
Premium Member
Sharon, I'm sorry you feel the need to go. I've always enjoyed your posts and interacting with you on the forum. I hope we can see you on here agin someday. :hug:


Premium Member
Aww so sad, ill miss you.

I love the hitchikers reference. Though I never thought you were a dolphin.


You'll definitely be missed, Sharon. Thank you for all your wit, wisdom and advice, given in such a "motherly hen" sort of way. ;)

I still know where to find ya, though.:D


Deviled Hen
To the rest of my friends here, thanks much...I'll be seeing you elsewhere around da internetz. I think I hit everyone with some frubals. :chicken:


Kal-El's Mama
Sorry to read that you are leaving us Sharon.
Take care and hope to see you again when you
decide to come back :D.


All the best of luck Sharon. I know how you feel and have been contemplating the same action myself for the past month. Today is one of my now infrequent days I have time to sit and read and post. We all have our time. Seeya.