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So, I finished reading the Gathas...


Great Old One
Good thoughts, good words, good deeds... I guess that's just generally what goes through my mind as I finish this small, but extremely relevant religious text!

As a Christian, I feel there are parts of the bible that ring true to me, but there are many parts that are, well, troubling... Honestly, I find it hard for me to call myself a Christian when I can't even agree with my own religion completely. There's a nearly endless amount of denominations that I could join that would suit my tastes, I suppose, but reading the Gathas have made me realize just how unhappy I am - or was, as a Christian.

The Gathas are compact for sure... But their message is uplifting, motivating, and just feel relevant to this day and age. I'm intrigued... =)

It made me realize, though, that I'm no Christian. That's ok, too! I'm not going to hell for that, because god cares more about what I do, and how I help improve the world with my actions (what little I can do), than who's team I'm on. =)


Great Old One
Hmmm... It's mostly a collection of songs about worship, allegory, philosophy, adversity (especially in terms of oppressive figures), life lessons, ideals, and events in Zoroaster's life or events surrounding the propagation of his teachings (an extremely vague description, I know).

Something you might find interesting, however, is that Zoroaster seemed to be at odds with one of the composers of the Rig Veda, Vedic Bandhu. If you want, you can read more about this in the 14th song. =)


Be your own guru
I did not get much in 14th. Have downloaded it and will read it more thoroughly. Very close to Sanskrit, every word has a Sanskrit equivalent. The page background (gray) is bad. Reading it in black and white is good but that leads to blotches on pages.