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true freedom is better than slavery. i was just trying to point out that freedom costs, and many people are worse off financially than the slaves were. but it took a lot of explaining to get u to see the point. we need legislation to enact fair wages for everyone not just the priviledged. people on social security get inflation raises and military personnel are paid extra for having a wife and/or kids. why can't they do the same with minimum wage. write your legislators and suggest they do so. i did.


As far as slavery is concern, slavery used as a degradation to a person or a nation of people is wrong. As far as servants, servants have been around since biblical times, and I am not agaisnt having SERVANTS, especially of another nation. What happened to the so-called African-americans was brutal because we had our true nationality and language taken away from us and was treated like we were animals, it was the worst captivity we had experienced. For us to experience such an ordeal was something we had to endure for breaking the laws, statues, and commandments of the most high deuteronomy 28:15, but our slave masters had forwarded the affliction. Zechariah 1:15. To have a slave/servant, you are supposed to treat them properly; but because the whole concept of having a servant is twisted, it seems wrong.


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hebrew, i luv u and will always fight for your rights. i am disabled and know what predjudice is all about. did u know that the man that wrote amazing grace was a slave trader. he was on a ship full of slaves headed for america and a terrible storm arose threatening their survival. he told God he would change for the good if they would survive the storm. he also had some other evil trade that he gave up.