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Skanda Shasthi 2020


ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय
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I thought of you. The temple did a live stream of the utsavam. Stupid me thought too late to snap some screenshots. I don’t know if the video will be posted. If it is I’ll repost it.



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Thanks for the images. Normally there is no exchange of vehicles, not in North India at least. But Kartikeya worship has to pick up in North India. Ganesha and Devi worship is as popular as in Maharashtra and Bengal. Kartikeya / Murugan is always present but often not noticed. Perhaps some day.
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Congrats, Vinayaka for the celebrations. Skanda has not yet arrived in North in a big way. My homage to son of Shiva.
He is the elder one in North India, the younger one in South India. Is that correct, Vinayaka?



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I'm always amazed at how regional our festivals are. Here, Divali overwhelmed Skanda Shasthi, except for at one place. lol. As to Divali, it's become a challenge with the firecrackers, as it's really dry here, and the city fire department had to do extra work. Hopefully some press requests will get a few enthusiasts o slow it down for next year.