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Sinful to destroy


Pronouns: he/him/they/them
@dybmh. Turns out while the poem I wrote earlier was too personal this one just formed in my mind. And it's not as personal so i can share it. Tagging also @Rachel Rugelach. And @Guitar's Cry

Title: Sinful to destroy

When I was a kid
I had an obsession with words
Reading well beyond what my age suggested
If you saw me I likely had a book
It was my escape
My sanctuary.
Where there is a book there is a soul

When I was in third grade
I would create stories
And write poetry
I would create and create
For that's all there was to do.
As I grew older my skill began to grow
I could shape your emotions with a pen
Paint vivid pictures in which to lose yourself.
I'd continue reading to learn all that I could
Book after book I'd read
And learn the mistakes of the past

Oh the power of words.
The power of books...
Folk try to ban them for what they say
Knowledge is power
So burn it away and they have control
I say let the masses read what is sacred
The holiness of books.
Each tell a story each have something to teach
Each page to be absorbed and understood so you may think.
I love books.
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