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Signs of hypocrisy.

Discussion in 'Same Faith Debates' started by Link, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. Link

    Link Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    According to the Nabi (s), most hypocrites are among the reciters of Quran.

    1. Hypocrites testify to oneness of God and Mohammad (s).
    2. Hypocrites show good actions in public including charity and prayers.
    3. Hypocrites fast Ramadan.
    4. Hypocrites pray.
    5. Hypocrites recite a lot of Quran.
    And so on and so forth.

    One thing that hadiths say a hypocrite will never do, and they can't, is love Ali (a).

    Shiites who are hypocrites and proclaim love of Ali (a), you can see, when you emphasize on his holy spirit station and helping through his light, they hate it and call it "Ghul" (extremism) or even "Shirk".

    And so hypocrites exist among Shiites and Sunnis but we refer to Surah hypocrites, and what does it emphasize on.

    1. Hypocrites turn away from intercession of Mohammad (s) and him asking forgiveness for sins, they are arrogant much like Iblis is too arrogant to prostrate to Adam (a). They are called by believers to go to Mohammad (s) and seek his intercession but feel too much pride to do this.

    What do hypocrites do in this age? They can't deny all the verses about Mohammad's (s) intercession but they invent this thing that he can't hear us and can't respond to our asking intercession, because he is supposedly dead and dead can't hear.

    This is despite Quran shows dead can be spoken to, and this is despite the Sunnah of the Nabi (a) teaching to address him in Salah as "peace be upon you oh you who is the Prophet...".

    Convenient way to belittle the intercession position of his chosen ones, to say, they all dead or not present, and we shouldn't talk to dead people and it's Shirk.

    It's a way to hide their hypocrisy in this regard.

    2. Hypocrites seem not to understand the honor belongs only to three, God, Messenger and believers. No they give honor to all sorts of disbelievers and equate them with believers.

    Today hypocrites try to hide this and say we are civilized and trying to make peace with people and be friendly.

    This another thing, followers of Ali (a) are belittled in all times, and in today's time this is no different. People might even use the term "terrorists" and "extremist" and "Islamists" the way disbelievers use them, to propagate against the believers and put them on equal grounds or less grounds to disbelievers.

    3. They command towards evil and forbid good. Over all, this their nature, they don't emphasize on uniting in fighting oppressors and overthrowing tyrannical governments and helping God's cause. Nor do they emphasize on learning the wisdom and teaching it. They chase the world and want religion to deceive them they are good.

    4. They don't understand the treasures in heavens and earth belong to God and that RISQALLAH (sustenance of God) is better and more everlasting.

    These days, you see hypocrites, they lack spiritual insight and don't perceive the energy and spiritual sustenance and power from God to be holy, because they are blind to it's nature, which is the guiding light and leader of the time who is the root of the tree that is blessed and the word of light by which he makes firm believers.

    5. They are deceived by God's mercy.

    Like disbelievers, they over emphasize on God's mercy. It leads them to delusion that they are safe.

    6. They don't see God's light and are satisfied by blindness.

    Understanding Quran you require light of God to be with you. It's not that believers don't sin, it's that they don't let the sins darken their hearts so as to oppose the truth and correct creed.

    Hypocrites on the other hand, they take outward display of Islam and are deceive by it, and this is while they are not in God's mercy as in they are not in the light of Illiyin nor see God's light nor the Imam of the time and the laws of Islam don't bring them close to God, but they trick themselves heaven is for them while they are satisfied to stay behind in the dark.
  2. Hockeycowboy

    Hockeycowboy Well-Known Member
    Premium Member

    Oct 28, 2015
    Reminds me of Paul’s words to Titus:

    Titus 1:16