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Short Prayers for purification/revitalizing the soul


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A collection of short prayers I though I'd share from the Shinto Norito (or book of prayers). They're easy to say and quick, very good way to start the morning or give you some energy/hope when you need it! Romanji (romanization of original Japanese text) is in bold and parenthesis.

Ryaku Haishi (Short Prayer)

Sarutahiko, Great Bright Being (Doso Sarutahiko Dai Myo Jin) x 3

Sweep the impurities from my being and purify my spirit;
Grant me protection; Grant me happiness;
Restore brightness to my soul and give me guidance
(Harae tamai kiyome tamae mamori tamai
Sakiwae tamae terashi tamai michibiki tamae

Hi Fu Mi No Harae Kotoba (Hi Fu Mi Word/Chant of purification)
(Sacred syllables to be chanted while tuning to the vibration of your voice to the divine)

Hi fu mi yo i mu na ya ko to
mo chi ro ra ne shi ki
Ru yu i tsu wa nu so
O ta ha ku me ka u o e ni
Sa ri he te no ma su a se e ho re ke

These are two of many prayers found in the Norito Book of Prayers. Both represent Kotodama (literally 'word soul') a very important part of Shinto. Kotodama is the vibratory rhythm of Japanese words and syllables which is believed to invoke a sort of divine nature when prayers are said or chanted.

I hope those who practice Shinto picked up something they can use in their practice! I also hope that those who are just looking learned something interesting!

I highly recommend Ann Llewellyn Evan's book 'Shinto Norito: A book of prayer'! Ann Evans is a certified Shinto priestess by Grand Tsubaki Shrine in Mie prefecture of Japan. She is an American who specializes in Shinto studies. I can assure you the contents of her books are valid and well researched :)
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