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Shia,s Imams


New Member
Assalaam o Illaikum,

Q.No.1-----I want to know What Is the status of 7 Imams of shia In sunni Scholars or in sunni,s View.
Were they Rightly guideous or not?
If Not then Were they true muslims or not?
Do sunni Believe that 7 imams of Shia were shia,or If they Were Shia then what you think they are Muslims?

What i mean 7 Imams is From Imam Zain ul Abidin son Of Hazrat Hussain and after there Successors up to 11th Imam of shia.(May Allah be pleased with Them All.)

Q.No.2------Last but not least What is Sunni,s View About Prophets AaL(Ahle bait) onward from Imam Hussain.