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Shamanic Mask

The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
Unfortunately I couldn't stage a better photoshoot yet (it's way too hot outside) but these are the staves I've added to my mask. Over the eye-patch is an illusionary stave, meant to allow to be seen what is normally hidden. On the sides are staves for protection from spirits. On the deer jaws, and underneath them, there are also staves against witchcraft--four in total. There are also runes of the Younger Futhark around the eye. to represent journeying, the elements, and the sun.





The Kilted Heathen

Crow FreyjasmaðR
From my instagram:

(I) kicked off our Stormy Season with a ritual/photoshoot to honor Thor and Perun! While I was doing my thing, thunder was on the horizon, and a falcon was having a spat (probably territorial) with a couple of crows. The mask is the one that I just finished (and is featured in recent photos) and is of course inspired by the band Heilung!