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Seydietism - A new religion?

Discussion in 'New Religious Movements DIR' started by Jordan Porter, May 16, 2021.

  1. Jordan Porter

    Jordan Porter New Member

    May 16, 2021
    Hey, I have created a new religion, by created I mean I put together beliefs that I have aquired throughout my life, ranging from norse reconstructionism to sikhism and buddhism.

    However, I want to create a community of this religion with 4 other founders ‘statholiend.’ I want to have a collection of poems as the main book of the religion, incorporating the 5 statholiends beleifs and tenets (as long as everyone approves)

    Some basic information of the religion:

    •monothestic religion, formless genderless god like sikhism
    •reincarnation until one is kind and selfless no matter their religion
    •Important Tenets- Vegetarianism, Pacifism and Sanctity Of Nature

    This will obviously expand further throughout time.

    Here is the poems of theoden (the first book in the seydiet):

    The one golden speaker,
    The token woken preacher,
    Every creature beholden to him,
    For he created every feature.

    The one benevolent Caesar,
    The prevalent constant weaver,
    Every believer’s trial pardoned,
    For they blossomed out of cycle.

    The one omnipotent teacher,
    The disciplined participant receiver,
    Every vigilant reader eager,
    For the final metre.

    The one omniscience senior,
    The innocent, diligent keeper,
    Every incident seeker restless,
    For when they come out breathless.

    The once omnipresence repeater,
    The constant essence of the cleaner,
    Every lemur and beaver prays,
    Agaisnt the fever that ended days.
  2. adi95

    adi95 New Member

    Jun 19, 2022
    You're still working on this religion? If yes, please let me know.